Monday, 8 May 2017

Freyja and Mummy Update

I haven't written an update in so long on how me and baby Freyja have been getting on. Better late than never!
freyja chubby cheeks

Freyja is approaching the sleep regression stage commonly associated with the growth spurt which occurs around 4-5months.  After a goodly number of weeks going down in her cot in her own room and sleeping from 8:30 til 7 she now wakes for a snacky feed in the night and inevitably is back in with us.
During the day she enjoys cluster feeding in the afternoon and I always forget to have a drink beside me and end up positively parched! I feel like I'm merging into the sofa I sit on it long enough! But I thoroughly enjoy the sleepy cuddles. But as I write this we have all got a cold; freyja's is clearing up whilst mine is in its second day of full on nastiness. Due to this Freyja has been reluctant to feed to sleep which is what she usually does. So she has been going down for naps in her cot which is brilliant for all of us and everyone can get some rest. I'm sure her normality will resume however. Sometimes I don't even want to write about her being put down to sleep as I worry I will jinx it!

Freyja is over 14 pounds and has delicious fat rolls and hammy legs. She fits 6-9 month clothing generally and is quite a long baby. I often can't believe that she is the size she is. I suppose she is a testimony to how good a feeder she is and in turn how good my milk is. So no, just because she is a "bigger baby" doesn't necessarily mean she will need to wean onto solids earlier.

As for movement and motor skills she is able to roll from her front to her back but only half way from her back to her front! She can reach and grab toys and has great back and neck strength. She sits up well supported between my knees if I'm kneeling and it won't be long until she can sit unaided. On her tummy she can move around really well and moves like a caterpillar on her back which has resulted in a bald patch on the back of her head.

As for me, I'm losing hair so I have ordered some biotin tablets. My hair is a lot, lot shorter than it was so the plug hole doesn't get incredibly blocked and we don't find as many "hair-mice" rolling around like tumbleweed. Ever since having my hair cut shorter (waist length to collar length) I've been using special hair bands which look like plastic coils to reduce the amount to hair pulling tension on my scalp and to reduce the kink a tight ponytail can produce. Perhaps the biotin will help, I will update you as and when.
I'm also going through a phase of hearing Freyja cry even though everything is quiet and calm. As if my brain is on red alert and won't relax. It's probably exacerbated by this cold but it can be very distracting. It's tinnitus- baby style!

I've been exercising at my local Clubbercise since 2 weeks post partum. Breastfeeding has influenced my eating habits a lot this time; I swear I initially lost weight then gained through my ravenous consumption of chocolate. I put it down to needing a hit of energy in the shortest amount of time available, usually in between feeds. To cut the binge cycle I am having snack times to steady to blood sugar levels and reduce my need to literally stuff myself whilst the kettle boils for a cup of tea (no time to let it brew in the kitchen these days- milk goes in and teabag stays in!). I'm definitely trying to eat more sensibly. Unfortunately breastfeeding can't justify eating the way I have done and isn't a licence for eating junk but I'm turning a corner and seeing some good results overall.

freyja and pavlova


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