Saturday, 10 June 2017

Introducing Bush Baby World Episodes

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Like many five year olds Lily enjoys watching cartoons and vlogs on Youtube. The go-to options for her are currently 'The Numberjacks' (educational), random stories involving the Anna and Elsa dolls (less desirable), her own home videos (Sophie and Lily channel) and now Dreamstars Bush Baby World.
Golden Bear's latest collectable plush toys, playsets and accessories come to life in your hand whilst encouraging imaginative play and now the 5 cuddly friends feature in their own CGI shows on Youtube. Take a look here!

Watch out for for the new toys later this year, in the meantime enjoy the webisodes to introduce you to the world of plush marsupials who protect the Dreamtree.
Bush Baby World

What we love about the Dreamstars Bush Baby World:
  • the values portayed by the characters in the storylines; friendship and teamwork
  • short bitesize shows of under 2 minutes; easy to watch if time is tight, before school for example
  • the theme tune has lovely lyrics, performed by Milkshake presenter Amy Thompson
    • "So reach up high and touch the sky, and fill your heart with hope. I believe dreams come true, I believe in the strength in you"
  • 5 loveable characters with different personalities and from 5 webisodes to watch at the moment, your child will find a favourite.
  • The Dreamtree idea; the Bush Babies protect and love in the Dreamtree which creates happy and wonderful dreams for children
Stay tuned for the release of the Bush Baby World toys later this year. Could they be top of the Christmas list?

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