Friday, 16 June 2017

Reflecting on Breastfeeding a 5 month old

Freyja, you are 5 months old and sometimes I can't believe:
a) that you are mine
b) that we created you
c) how big you are!

Yes, you were two days late but that was very overdue for me, having had your sister 4 weeks early and your brother 1 week early.

You arrived in a speedy blur of a Home birth, delivered by your father. When I say speedy I mean it; 20 minutes from start to finish and on Christmas Eve!

You started noisily sucking on your hand as soon as the umbilical cord was cut and then we saw the suck blister on your fist. You already knew what to do and I just sat in complete disbelief. The comparison between births and early feeding experiences were great and it was clear you had it down to a tee.

I love how you instinctively knew where to find food and that you were strong and awake enough to latch.
My wild card baby.

Although the early weeks were vomit filled as you were a greedy guzzler, everything settled down and I had another surprise - very little vasospasm.

You fed so well and enjoyed feeding to sleep. So much so you often over-ate. You tried a dummy but it wasn't the same.

At 5 months old you seem to be very efficient feeder. You know longer drift off for the long haul sleep whilst feeding, instead you let me know that it is time to put you down to sleep. Another surprise.

When you have a sleepy feed you fiddle and stroke my hair which sometimes tickles your chubby, round cheeks. Although you tug my hair rather hard if you have tummy pain or teething pain, or attack your own ears or back of the neck.

I enjoy our feeds, it makes me very privileged to share this experience with you. Feeling like I was becoming part of the fabric of the sofa in the early days is worth it for the leg rolls and picture of health and happiness you are. You are a testament to how well my body is able to provide for you, even though I'm surprised you aren't made of chocolate!

I may not be able to go out for very long without you; the days are long but the years are short. I cannot regret my choice for you and your siblings. Breastfeeding isn't the be all and end all, I definitely agree. It may be the most natural but hardest thing to do and there can be various trials and sacrifices, of which I've experienced.

So now you've started your first tastes of food and I wonder just how long I will feed you. You are my last baby and it will be a bittersweet time full of reflection.

For now I'm just going to enjoy it, hearing your appreciative noises, hilarious latching sounds and even over-enthusiastic ambition to draw milk out of skin which can't provide #feedinglovebite.

And I am impressed with your hearing too, as you always start feeding ravenously after a long pause, just after we've said that we'll put you down...


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  1. Awesome. I believe that those children who are feed by their moms, they always become more smarter and active than other children.


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