Thursday, 20 July 2017

Brownies and Weaning | #LittleLoves

Welcome back to a round up of what we have been loving this week.

Again, I haven't read anything like a good novel lately. I bought The Romanovs ages ago, but it is an absolute beast of a book with teeny text size. So hopefully there will be a time and a place soon.

The final episode of 'The Loch' was brilliant! I wish the rest of the episodes were like it. I had my suspicions as to who the serial killer was but I guessed the wrong brother! No more spoilers, just in case...

Chocolate brownies were my offering for our Thursday playgroup party. They went down a treat despite the batter not being well mixed as I was holding Freyja as well. There were little lumps of flour visible, woops!

My Pink Floyd Top which I love!

Some ABBA classics thanks to Mamma Mia! on TV lately. The movie is full of cheese but it is fun.

Freyja has been trying Babease weaning pouches and her facial expressions can sum up what she thinks quite well. And the state of her bib! Still no teeth though!
Little Loves

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend and week ahead!

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  1. You Can't beat a bit of Abba! #LittleLoves

  2. Chocolate brownies always go down a treat. A lovely weekend to you!

  3. That last episode of The Loch was so full of twists and turns. Like you I'd guessed a bit but not that! xx


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