Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Lily's Favourites for May & June

Firstly I can't believe that we are over half way through the year already! 
Lilyis now 5.5, Alexander turned 3 on July 2nd and baby Freyja is 6 months old and into everything. The summer holidays are looming, so I am taking note of what Lily has been really enjoying to keep her busy.

Here is a little round up of what Lily particularly loved during the last few months. Her attention span is as you'd expect for a little girl in reception class but she already knows what she enjoys and what she doesn't. 

First up are the Life Cycle books. Lily can practise her reading and also complements her growing knowledge of wildlife and importantly, conservation. There are so many different life cycles to choose. I particularly like puppy to dog and Lily enjoys pup to shark. 
We read them together before the witching hour of getting ready to bed. We may read some before tea and the rest after bath-time,for example, or over a couple of evenings. 

Sylvanian Families 
Lily has been lucky enough to be sent a Cakebread Toy Poodle Family to play with. They are all super cute and really soft with adorable clothes. Lily made the decision to rename them the spaniel family as she thinks that with their long ears they look like spaniels.
Lily is known to enjoy some quiet time in her bedroom making the characters Father Frank, Mother Veronica, Brother Eric and Sister Melinda have conversations and tea parties with another. When friends come over they often make a bee-line to the little family. For Lily's age group and beyond, Sylvanian Families are great for making up little stories and role-play  - until Alexander and Freyja come along that is!

Sylvanian Family play time

Outdoor play
Over the May half term holiday we enjoyed some fantastic weather, unlike now. Lily and Alexander spent some time away at their Grandma's and they played mostly outside with the playhouse, IKEA kitchen and sandpit. Lily "made tea" several times and always insists on having a base of fresh flowers on the table.

Lily is quite partial to eating out at Wagamama. We took her to Wagamama in Tunbridge Wells for the first time when she was around Freyja's age ~5 months. She loves the place mats, wooden chopsticks and the food, of course. 
Alexander fell asleep during our most recent treat lunch there so we went home with a takeaway bag filled with the napkins, placement and wooden fork and spoon. When Rob made Pad Thai for a recent dinner we set the table for Lily to enjoy "Wagamama at home" and she absolutely loved it!

Here is a throwback photo from Wagamama in Oxford, 3 years ago. Lily is still partial to a cocochino :)

No doubt the children will probably have a holiday at their Grandma's over the summer, and we may have a treat at Wagamama's once in a while. Alexander received an IKEA play kitchen for his 3rd birthday present, so Lily and Alex can continue to make tea, picnics and hot chocolates for me...and the Cakebread Toy Poodle family can get involved too!

Do your children have any favourites? Do you have any plans for the summer holiday entertainment?
Thanks for reading!

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