Thursday, 13 July 2017

Playground Fun

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Lily and her school friends always look forward to playtime together, come rain or shine. Come September, her reception class will be separated so playtime breaks and lunchtime will be an opportunity for the whole gang to have fun together again.

Playground marking designs
Soft Surface graphic designs - Alexander would love this one as it looks just like the CBeebies Alphablocks!

I recall my primary school playground as being overwhelmingly big, with a lean-to shack fitted with benches and a wall - mural I once helped to create. A small garden could be found in the corner beside the toilets and drinking fountain. Tired yellow and white markings etched the tarmac, worn down by busy, energetic children. I've since revisited my old playground and of course it was never massive, but it does look much the same.

Amazey Play Hut Play Force
The Amazey Play Hut by Play Force looks great for preschool and beyond

Now during the school runs and club pick ups I observe the playgrounds at Lily's school. She is lucky to have a school playing field and here and there can be found garden plants the reception pupils brought in. I have noticed the faded markings of rockets on the ground and wonder what they used to look like and how the children must have enjoyed it in the past. Colourful playgrounds not only look brilliant but provide the basis for educational games outdoors. Bright graphics can create hopscotch, roads and number and letter games. Imagine a giant snakes and ladders! A soft landing, in my opinion is a must, particularly for preschool and reception years, so safe textured surfaces which surround climbing apparatus or interactive games are the ideal combination.

If you have a young child, what would their ideal playground be like?
Lily's list of ideas is endless!

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  1. It looks like an awesome fun that children as well as teenagers must have. Thanks for sharing the idea.


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