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My Top 3 Favourite Snacks for On the Go

Title favourite snacks on the go
As a parent to three children, my bags are always loaded with the usual: spare clothes, nappies, wipes and of course, snacks. Usually I prioritise the limited space available for snacks for the children, but when I get a chance I try to pack a couple of items just for me. Here are my top 3 favourite snacks (fruit and veg aside) for on the go

ITSU Seaweed thins
If I fancy something particularly savoury, I like to choose Itsu crispy seaweed thins. I am a sushi-lover so I am not adverse to the idea of eating seaweed on its own. Different flavours are available including plain sea-salt, sweet soy & sea salt and wasabi which I have yet to try. Since they are lighter than air, they don't add extra weight to my bag or pushchair and the kids don't eat them so I don't have to share! Nutritionally you may believe that they won't have much to offer, but they are a good source of B vitamins, zinc, iron and iodine.
Available from most supermarkets at an RRP of  £2.00

Taste Inc chargrilled chicken
Low in salt, low in fat and gluten-free make these Taste Inc. Chargrilled Chicken Fillets a handy morsel to pop in my bag to supplement a picnic, or enjoy following a work out. They need to be chilled so they can't hang around in my bag for a snack time eventuality, but I plan ahead if I want to enjoy one of these. They are full of that chargrilled smoky flavour and the spicy version is relatively mild but enjoyable. Protein fills me up until my next meal time and prevents me from reaching for the sugary snacks. Since they are gluten-free, my husband can enjoy them too so he doesn't miss out which is great!

You can find Taste Inc. Chargrilled Chicken Fillet single packets or fridge packs of 5 from Morrisons as well as Nisa and Ocado, the RRP of the fridge packs are £2.70.

Whitworth shots
There are obviously times when I need to satisfy my sweet tooth but I don't want to overdo it. Whitworth Shots come in a variety of flavour combinations including biscuit pieces, nuts, toffee pieces and dried fruit. I particularly enjoy the toffee & pecan shot which comes in at 99 calories. Unfortunately for my husband they aren't suitable for him and my children don't eat nuts so I get to enjoy this little snack all to myself without hovering kids! The white chocolate and berry shot is fab for when I have a chocolate craving but don't want to eat too much which is totally doable during breastfeeding. The sachets are light and can tolerate being battered around within my bag. I'm always pleased to discover one in a time of need!
Whitworth Shots are found in most supermarkets including Tesco where they are currently on offer for 5 for £2.00!
What are your own favourite snacks for out and about?

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