Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Spinning Picture

The first day of the summer holidays saw Lily make a picture spinner. I tried to get her to spend as much time as possible on it otherwise she just zooms through activities. I have an arts and crafts activity planner which I don't want to use up within the first week!
I remember my year 1 teacher always getting us to colour in all of the white paper and she wouldn't be completely satisfied until there was no white paper to be seen. I know where she was coming from now!

Picture Spinner Activity

You will need:
Pens, pencils
spinning picture prep
Cutting out a circle of card using a roll of sellotape as a guide to draw a circle

designing the picture
Marked out two dots for holes on each side, then Lily got to work designing each side of the spinner

concentrating on designing and colouring
The look of concentration

one side of card
One side of the spare card had some paint on it so Lily filled in some of the gaps

bird of paradise
Lily's bird of paradise

colouring in
This gave Lily an idea: she decided to cut out more circles of card to make coasters for her Daddy and teachers
one side of the spinner
I made holes at the sides and threaded lengths of string through which I tied to create loops

the other side of the spinner
What a glam bird!

Lily blowing the spinner
Lily preferred to blow the spinner as well as twist the string then pull

spinning and blowing the spinner
The twist and pull mechanism didn't work too well, so she was content blowing it and watching it spin and flutter

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