Thursday, 17 August 2017

String Printing How-To

Looking for a summer holiday arty activity? String painting isn't for the perfectionist, but it creates something different every time. You can of course add extra colours by painting lengths of string different colours, or add ink or glitter to the finished mirror-image.

What you will need:

2 sheets of card
paint in a bowl
a length of string
a tray
lots of baby wipes to clean up!

First, protect your surfaces if necessary. Things are about to get messy!
Drape the string into the paint until it is coated and remove the excess by drawing your thumb and finger down it/pinch it.

Lay the painty string in a creative or random way across the surface of one sheet of card, making sure a short tail overhangs.

Next lay the other sheet of paper directly ontop. Place a tray ontop and press down. Pull the overhanging piece of string until it is completely free from the sandwich of card.

Carefully peel the top piece of card away to reveal the mirror image produced by the painted string.

Observe it in different orientations. Can you see an animal, a flower, a shape?
You have the option of adding to it with ink, pencil, glue and glitter, or just leave it as it is.

Lily and I can see a rabbit, a bird, a bat and a flower. Potentially the sorting hat!

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