Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Sibling Project | August 2017

the kids

My three; Lily, Alexander and Freyja.
It is clear from this photo that Lily is trying to hold a very mobile and speedy 7 month old Freyja in place, whilst Alexander pretends to be a dinosaur. He is wearing one of his favourite t shirts to date which was a gift for Lily but she really needed the next size up. His gain though!

alex the dinosaur

Freyja looks a bit peturbed in this photo. I can understand though, Alexander was really going for it with the dinosaur roars.
Alexander and Lily both get along well, most of the time. They are brother and sister after all and annoying each other is just part and parcel. They have a lot of fun together and they have really enjoyed spending time together over the summer holidays. Freyja, of course, adores her big brother and sister and I reckon that part of her reaching certain milestones earlier is because she wants to get involved and join in.

brother and sister

I love this photo of my two eldest children. Even though each child has the same age gap of 2.5 years between them, these two are such a team. We had just gone blackberry picking and started racing like lunatics on the common. Very hot, very excited and about to get ice creams. Perfect.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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