Monday, 7 August 2017

Trying New Food & Enjoying Favourites

This weekend has been absolutely full of food.
Put a fork in me, I'm done!

We started off on Saturday with strawberry picking and everyone bar the fruit and veg dodger had their fair share of "just testing/checking they're ripe". This time Freyja sat at the front of the trusty Phil & Ted's so she could have a good look around.

Freyja viewing the strawberry fields from Phil and Ted's pushchair

Alexander's haul of strawberries

 We had a brunch/lunch of US-style of biscuits and gravy, hash browns, fried eggs and bacon. I used a Hairy Biker recipe for the biscuits and gravy, which is pretty much buttermilk scones with a white sauce with crumbled sausage. It was tasty, but not something I would add to our usual fried-breakfast meal. The kids didn't care for the gravy/sauce, but loved the scones.

biscuits and gravy fried meal

biscuits and gravy

Cocktails were enjoyed at our local Mettricks and Lily had a hot chocolate which was a bit of a flood when served to her, so it was a bit of a messy drink from start to finish, especially when she insisted on siphoning up the hot chocolate from the saucer with a straw!

Mettricks cocktails
I didn't get a good photo whilst we were there, so this is a pic from July with Gem Paul/Photos By Gem. The cameras always come out when you are photographers and bloggers!

Rob made mussels and chips for us, swapping the white wine for cider as per Rick Stein's recipe. The sauce was far more subtle, but still delicious. Alexander wanted to try one but changed his mind the second he saw a mussel!

mussels and chips


Sunday morning saw us having a family breakfast of waffles and fruit. I am still in love with the £11.99 waffle maker from Lidl. I've always had an interest in getting a waffle maker/iron but some of the prices really put me off. After all, how often would it be used? Turns out, quite a few times because the batter is so simple to make and I can make gluten-free and dairy-free waffles too. I need to get a really great photo, but it is too easy to get stuck in straight away!

At Hengistbury Head on Sunday the kids had a picnic and the obligatory sandy sandwich. I had to eat two Mr Whippy ice creams in quick succession as the kids preferred the bucket and spade instead, leaving the ice creams uneaten and melting. Predictably, on our walk back to the car, they asked for ice lollies!

En route back we stopped by one of our favourite places, Lyndhurst for fish and chips and we started eating in the car before deciding it would be far nicer to be on the picnic mat outside near the ponies.

chips in the car

family picnic with chips
Turned out far cheaper to buy a bottle of tomato ketchup than buy several sachets!
For supper we had a strawberry and apple crumble with homemade custard - again, no photo as far too hungry!

Definitely a foodie weekend!

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