Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Me and Mine Project | September

It is the end of September! And that also means my birthday. 
Mmm cake!
Here are some snaps from our recent day out at Moore's Valley Country Park. We use the self-timer setting on the camera, but I had been fiddling with the settings so I wasn't sure what the effect would be. Nevermind, we still have a family photograph even if Freyja can barely be seen.

Rob has enjoyed:
Going away to Amsterdam for work
Coming back home from Amsterdam, because he missed us (aww)

Sophie has enjoyed:
Seeing Alex flourish at preschool
Her birthday and reliving childhood memories

Lily has enjoyed:
Going back to school
Starting street dance, karate and pad-work boxing

Alexander has enjoyed:
Having big lunches after preschool
Lots of chips on Lyndhurst common with family

Freyja has enjoyed:
Visiting the sea for the first time and eating sand
Crawling and cruising, at speed

Enjoy October everyone :)

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Sounds like a lovely month, and taking pictures with the timer is always tricky isn't it? :) #MeandMine

  2. Ah so sweet he came home because he missed you! My husband works away a bit and always feels like that too.

  3. Gorgeous photos, even if Freyja is hiding haha! Sounds like a fab monthxx

  4. It's hard being apart we have to be apart for the summer as we go back to America to see my family and home and hubby has to stay here to run his UK company it's hard being away from each other. Gorgeous family snaps so full of sunshine. We need more of that this month. #meandmineproject


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