Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Siblings Project | September

September is well under way and has been full of changes to our family life. Lily started year 1 at infant school and Alexander started preschool for three mornings a week. So far, so good! Although I always thought that I'd have more time to get things done, whether it be housework, actual work, perhaps even some filming. Turns out that is rather wishful thinking. I feel like I have less time. Three school runs a day for three days a week is a bit exhausting but Freyja gets some quality time with me at least. She definitely misses her brother during the daytime, they have been such a team. Freyja loves having both her siblings back when they finish school and preschool. Back to the normal hustle and bustle I love.

Here are a selection of photos from one of the first days back, two in yellow, one in red!
Lily, Alex, Freyja

my children

my three

sibling love

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The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Love the coordinating coats and all the love and smiles shared between your three. What lovely dynamics they have together. #siblingsproject

  2. Such cute photos, I always feel like I'll get more time to be productive when school comes back around and then suddenly the day seems to go doesn't it? I don't envy the multiple school runs. #siblingsproject


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