Monday, 16 October 2017

Aquabeads Disney Princess Playset | Review

Lily hasn't brought out the Aquabeads out of our creativity cupboard for a while now, so we were were offered the Aquabeads Disney Princess Set we could hardly say no!
Lily adores the characters, but one of the first things she said, whilst pointing to the Beast on the front of the box was "Where are the Princes?". She made a good point, for her age.

Aquabeads DIsney Princess Playset
The usual instructions of our previous Aquabeads playsets apply; create your design using the template or get creative, spray with water then leave to set.
The difference with the Disney Princess Playset is that it claims to only require 10 minutes until you can peel off your Aquabead design, using a special Bead Peeler.

Here is what you find inside the box:
  • 1 design table
  • 1 bead palette
  • 1 sprayer
  • 1 layout tray
  • 1 bead peeler
  • lots of solid and jewel beads
  • 2 dual-sided template sheets

inside the box

contents of the box

How we got on:

Lily got stuck in straight away, having decided to choose the Princess Aurora template. She added extras to the hairstyle and enjoyed getting creative beyond the official design.

using the playset

bead palette

Even when using Aquabead playsets which came with a bead applicator/dropper, Lily always preferred to pick up and place the beads using her fingers. Providing her fingers aren't wet, this method works well, otherwise the beads bunch together and they can then transfer the bittering agent onto her skin.This playset didn't come with a bead applicator at all this time, perhaps the Bead Peeler is the new, fun tool.

using fingers to collect and place the beads
The beads have a bittering agent to deter them from going in mouths. Lily is beyond that stage, but I have to remind her to pick any beads up as her baby sister would put them in her mouth.

using the bead peeler

We found that whilst the Bead Peeler worked well in principle, the outer beads need to be completely secure otherwise they are weak and could be pulled off. I think that the best results are yielded when the design is left on the layout tray longer than 10 minutes. I think, for that reason, an additional layout tray would be useful so that there is less waiting to create a new Disney Princess template.

As you can see, the Disney Princess templates are rather large, so there will be only so many that can be created using the beads provided.

Disney Princess Aquabeads style

lily's aquabead creation
Lily's jazzed up creation
Aquabeads remain a favourite of Lily's, even if the sound of skittering Aquabeads across the floor goes straight through me! If Aquabeads create a layout tray to minimise dropping the beads, that would be fantastic! 

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