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Cocktail Table Service at Turtle Bay

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As a Southampton resident of 4 years I am still discovering new places whilst developing my local knowledge. I only visited East Park for the first time this month to have a picnic with the Southampton Bloggers beside the Instagram-worthy wisteria. I've clearly been missing out!

Another first was experiencing Turtle Bay Southampton's new table service, again with the lovely Southampton Bloggers. As I walked towards the Guildhall, noticing all the "new"sights of the fountains, parks and the soon to be dismantled Seaside in the Square, I didn't know what to expect. Well, we were well and truly spoiled by the team at Turtle Bay. The staff were enthusiastic about the cocktails and food, explaining what each dish was and what it contained. They clearly know their stuff about the Caribbean menu they offer. And that is what we want to experience as bloggers; as much information as possible to relay to you. If we want to go back for more, then you can be assured that the venue won't disappoint.

So, if you are looking for a venue with a great atmosphere, fantastic and varied Caribbean food, with a multitude of cocktails and shooters then you need look no further. 

Turtle Bay Hot sauce

Turtle Bay Bajan Pepper Sauce
These photos were taken before and after the tables were filled with a variety of Caribbean food and exotic cocktails. If you feel the need for more spice and a bit more of a kick, these hot sauces are available on your table.
Turtle Bay Side Chick Martini
The first cocktail we had the pleasure of enjoying was a delicious Side Chick Martini which had an almost smoothie-like texture. The martini contains vodka, passion fruit, orange juice and vanilla which provides a subtle sweetness which cuts through the fresh tartness of the passion fruit. It is served with a refreshing prosecco side, which in my opinion acted as a palate cleanser. The tall shot glasses aren't necessarily a 'down in one' glass, but provide a good taster.
Turtle Bay food and drink table service
On to the food! But before that, I absolutely love the glass water bottles. I'd like to believe they were full of dark rum at some point. Who knows, they probably were!

Turtle Bay review digging in jerk platter
Bloggers digging in!
Amongst the hugely varied selection of flavourful food, we were served the Just Jerk Platter which included:
Marinated jerk wings, glazed pork ribs, beef patty, jerk chicken flatbread, sweet corn fritters and a super green salad.
Turtle Bay Jerk Platter to share
The Just Jerk Platter: Top left clockwise: Sweetcorn fritters, marinated jerk wings, jerk chicken flatbread, beef patty (turmeric spiced pastry with a lightly Caribbean spiced beef filling and herb mayo), glazed pork ribs and super green salad in the centre.
Turtle Bay Vital Veggie Platter
The Vital Veggie Platter appeals to vegetarians and intuitive eaters alike. The sweetcorn fritters aren't spiced at all so they can provide a welcome break from the heat of the jerk pit grilled mushrooms and peppers with spicy jerk. The crispy okra are delicately flavoured and delicious with the herb mayo. The flatbread is adorned with cubes of halloumi and mango which provide a nice balance between salty and sweet. Served alongside the veggie platter is a super green salad and plantain. Such a delicious sharing platter!

Turtle Bay Duck rolls, halloumi and quinoa
Add to that, duck rolls and a Sunshine Quinoa consisting of quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, fresh pineapple, pomegranate seeds and a citrus lime dressing.
Turtle Bay sweet potato fries, side chick martini
Sweet potato fries, whats not to love!
Turtle Bay Crumbed Halloumi
For the cheese lovers: crumbed halloumi

Turtle Bay KoKo Kolada
Turtle Bay's Koko Kolada - a smooth, sweet tasting drink containing Koko Kanu coconut rum, dark rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice. Suitable for vegans.
Turtle Bay Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
We had the opportunity to select a drink from the menu to try, so I opted for a cooling frozen strawberry daiquiri which was really refreshing following a very sweet Koko kolada.
Turtle Bay frozen strawberry daiquiri, koko kolada and firewater shooter
To end the evening we were served a Turtle Bay Beach Shooter of our choice. If you don't know what a shooter is, it is basically a mini cocktail sampler, without the kick of a straight-up shot. I chose the Firewater which contains blackberry brandy, rum, falernum (an aromatic Caribbean syrup used in cocktails) and pineapple juice. It did require a quick stir to disturb the phases of liquids, but it tasted amazing!
What a brilliant evening the Southampton Bloggers had at Turtle Bay Southampton. We were overwhelmed with the quality of the food and table service which made the experience exemplary.

You can follow Turtle Bay on Twitter and Turtle Bay Southampton on Instagram

Complimentary meal and cocktails for the purpose of this review; all opinions expressed are my own.


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