Monday, 3 June 2019

Take Me Back to the 90's with Walkers

This post is sponsored by Walkers.
Back in the day, before Girls Aloud and Little Mix, a girls-only band had a fair amount of the nation reaching for leopard-print crop tops, getting an edgy tongue piercing, wearing hair in bunches or even reaching for red hair dye (or hair mascara, remember that?). If you don't know who I am talking about, then quite frankly, you must be living under a rock. They are, of course, The Spice Girls. Who are back!

Obviously its never going to be quite the same, but a few bands have done well for themselves despite being a member down...

What 90's nostalgia does it remind me of?

Well, if I wanted to watch The Spice Girls Movie, for example, I had to use a VCR, aka, video player and right at the end of the movie there were advertisements of Spice Girl merchandise so viewers could replicate their look at home.
Sadly for me, these items were deemed too expensive by my mother, so I had to make do with rolling up my tops to create crop tops, and donned the occasional temporary tattoo. I recall even making my own bandeau top with a sewing needle and thread but found it was too narrow!

hair mascara and jelly shoes 90s fashion nostalgia

Hair styling:
Primary school had a talent show, which saw me and 4 other young girls get on the stage dressed up and effectively mime to the track "Wannabe" as we dissolved with shyness. I had red-orange hair mascara streaked through my hair to emulate Ginger Spice and I can still remember how crispy and solid it made my hair.
This also correlated with the time that jelly "high-heels" were in fashion, which again, never cut it with my mother as an inch and a half of heel was too tall, even though my friends had them.
If I remember rightly, my sister preferred being Baby Spice on account of being the youngest, blonde and having a love of pink. My auburn hair meant I couldn't be anyone other than Ginger, and due to our incessant singing and dance choreography at any available time, our Grandpa simply called us The Spice Girls. This continued long after the initial fandom lasted!

I'm not convinced that I could be Walkers Spice Girls Best Ever Fan now, but if Walkers crisps ran the competition back in the 90's then I would have been in the running!

Have you seen the latest Walkers advert? If you were watching Britain's Got Talent on Sunday then you were most likely to catch it but just in case, here it is.

Do you think you could win Walkers' Best Ever Fan Challenge?

Do you have floor to ceiling memorabilia like the super fan in the advert? If only superfan Dev (played by Coventry comedian Guz Khan) had shared their Walker's crisps with the Spice Girls!

Spice Girls surpriise super fan walkers 90s
22 years after their first Walker's ad: Don't celebrate yet Spice Girls! Walker/s crisps are too good to share in exchange for a ticket!



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