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Connecta Baby Carrier Review

The super cheap eBay carrier was ready to go; step forward the Connecta Baby Carrier.

As soon as the non-branded soft-structured carrier began to feel like we were compromising 12 month old Alexander's safety and the health of our backs, we swiftly decided to retire it.
It had allowed us to transport our eldest Lily around airports when she was 22 months and it was simple enough for my husband Robert to use, so we felt it had done its duty.

Once I had the nod, I began perusing the Connect baby carrier website. Since I had heard such great things about this particular brand, after doing some research, we both agreed that this was a suitable investment for the remainder of our babywearing experience.

Why did we choose Connecta?

Connecta baby carriers are suitable from birth to 24Kg which means it is perfect for both of our children, including Lily (aged 3 years 6 months at the time of purchasing). No complex adjustments are required to accommodate either child despite their differences in size and weight. Although should you want to carry a toddler or preschooler more regularly, Connecta also offers large sizes.
Wearing a 14kg little girl is as comfortable as wearing a 20lb little boy.
Despite this purchase being mostly for Alexander's benefit, Lily is of course very welcome to hop in on our backs.

We received the delivery promptly and I was surprised at the compactness of the carrier; just a little bigger than my hand. Unlike some pack a macs, this carrier actually does fold down to this handbag/car boot ready size which makes it very convenient for travel.

It included a detailed user guide which made my first attempt at a back carry with Lily a breeze. Alexander was napping and I just couldn't wait for him to wake up to try it out, meanie mummy!
As you can see from the photo of me wearing Lily, she thought it was absolutely amazing! So much so, that she felt it would only be right and fair to allow her cuddly Jellycat toy Biddy to "have a ride" too.

Babywearing safety is so incredibly important and Connecta takes this very seriously which is why all their carriers undergo technical and weight bearing tests. In order to highlight awareness of babywearing safety, a fridge magnet was supplied in the order which helpfully provides the T.I.C.K.S rule for safe babywearing.

We quickly noted just how comfortable the carrier was and this is due to the cross able straps when the carrier is worn in a forward-facing carry. 
(Crossed straps can also be used for a back-carry rather than rucksack style with chest strap if necessary, but I felt this method could be uncomfortable for my chest)
This makes for ideal weight distribution; neither of our shoulders, back or lumbar have suffered.

When Alexander needs his head supporting when he is on the verge of dozing off, the integrated sleep hood clips onto the padded straps. We found this useful on very sunny days as we knew it would stay on and protect his head from the sunshine, unlike many of his summer hats!
A perk to the sleep hood is that when it is not in use it can be tucked away into the body of the carrier by pinching and drawing the material in to create a pocket. Lily would prefer the pocket to be full of snacks, but we choose to keep the sleephood out and accessible as the carrier has a lot of sleepy dust!

Let's move onto the print and fabric.

Connecta baby carrier has a huge variety of designer prints and some prints can be ordered exclusively which makes them extra desirable. Should you want a carrier made out of organic material, Connecta even offers a PURE range at no extra cost. Whichever you chose, each and every British-designed Connecta carrier features 100% organic cotton straps and lining.

We both wanted a design that was relatively unisex but bright. Robert likes bright colours, so if he felt happy wearing something eye-catching, then so was I. When scrolling down the shop webpage of all the standard carriers I thought I would have a hard time choosing a print; there are 7 pages to scrunitise! From floral to gothic; rainbow to monochrome and everything in between, there seems to be something for everyone.
 By page 4 my eye was immediately drawn to a delightful bright print called 'Oxford', created from Oxford Liberty fabric used to create scarves in the late-sixties. I have a lot of love for Oxford since we used to live locally and I thought the nostalgia and print was worth it.
I haven't seen anyone else with this Alice in Wonderland- inspired carrier, but then again, it was only released this May. In a way, the use of colours and illustrative style reminds me of the Little Bird by Jools clothing collection available at Mothercare. Since purchasing this carrier I have rather discovered a love for Little Bird by Jools sales!

We have owned the Connecta baby carrier for over 3 months now, so we felt it was the perfect opportunity to review it. It was been used a great deal and Robert and I often squabble over who will wear it out and about.
I recently received a clip-on, extendable mirror so now whilst out on dog walks, I can check up on Alexander when wearing him on my back.
I highly commend it for its ease of use, fantastic design and recommend it to anyone who appreciates the benefits of baby and child- wearing. It is a pleasure to wear and I hope to enjoy many more babywearing opportunities.



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