Friday, 20 November 2015

3 Perfect 2015 Moments

Although 2015 is not over yet, I thought I would share three photos from this year which hold special memories.

In order these photos have been taken by different cameras; iPad mini, a DSLR and a compact digital camera. Each were at hand to capture the moment. I am currently conducting a lot of research on new cameras, because as a blogger and vlogger it is pretty important to have the right kit. But aside from its use in a professional hobby capacity, the new camera would need to be able to cope with low-light conditions and the go-go-go nature of two very active children and puppy. The Lumix G7* is capable of shooting a video in 4K, which means incredible detail, and an individual image can be selected and saved, without compromising the quality. Have a look at this 30 second video to see for yourself.

 I think it sounds up to the job, don't you? 

Three Generations:
                                         3 generations

We don't live close to my family, so it is lovely to see my Mum, even if just for the day. So even though we enjoy the occasional fleeting visit I do try to get my camera out, even if we end up looking at them and finding that at least one of us has blinked, or Mum wants to take her glasses off, or Lily has pulled a funny face.

Alexander's Baptism:

                                        Happy Alexander on his baptism day

Alexander was baptised when he was 13 months in the same church Lily was baptised in. We had such a happy day which we shared with our friends and family. Alexander had not long just started walking by this point, so there were plenty of cameras out ready to capture him walking around with his friends and his great-grandparents.

New arrival:

Sophie, Alexander and Baby R

Another baby joined our family in June which was a really joyous occasion. We had to wait to meet the new arrival as both kids had chicken pox so we wisely waited until the spots were gone to enjoy cuddles with baby R. Alexander probably thought it was a bit confusing seeing another baby in my arms, but he was very gentle around his new cousin.

We have many more memories to come before we see in the New Year; I'm glad I have been capturing footage of our young family growing up for the past 3 years. It will be lovely to reflect on when the children are older.

This was a collaborative post: all opinions are my own.


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