Thursday, 19 November 2015

Beefeater Grill Redesign: The Rusty Cutter

Last weekend, the family and I made a trip along the coast from us to have lunch at The Rusty Cutter, which is a Beefeater Grill restaurant. Having undergone a complete refurbishment, it's interior decor and ambience reflects the restaurant feel really well. With more than 100 restaurants nationwide with a large number within close proximity to a Premier Inn, the Beefeater Grill chain has been well-represented by The Rusty Cutter.

The first thing which we noticed as we stepped into the restaurant was the large mat in the entrance featuring the new brand image of a rather robust cow and the updated brand font.  Immediately above was a welcoming "Hello" sign, made from artificial grass.We soon discovered that there was a theme and Lily did not fail to point out every cow-related piece of artwork or print and she also discovered little toy plastic cows within a picture frame, complete with grass.

Front of house generated the most impact; I was very impressed with the choice of light fixtures in front of me, the wooden-panelling of the grill-kitchen at the rear and the raised wooden boxes filled with plants to the side.
I particularly liked the quatro of images handily showing you how to identify how cooked a steak is by touching different fingers together and feeling the fleshy area beneath the thumb.
The colour scheme involved mustards and oranges which added a sense of warmth to the restaurant. Charcoal wooden dining chairs were available as were comfortable fabric-covered dining chairs in addition to orange leather booths; perfect to relax into for a well-deserved meal out.

Top (L-R) and Bottom (R): Clear orange colour scheme throughout; supplemented with the choice of light fixtures above tables, and above framed prints which all had a clear theme which represents Beefeater very well; Front of house displays a bright hanging ceiling light and the selection of colours and textures of upholstery use has been considered.
Bottom (L): The open-plan feel of the restaurant has been increased by the brightly-lit, wooden-panelled grill-kitchen at the rear which create a focal point as you walk into the restaurant.

Gone were the glass divisions between booths which made the restaurant feel quite open-plan and curtains were swapped in favour of wooden-effect venetian blinds which filled the room with light, even on a miserable, wet, rainy day. The bar offers a variety of beverages including prosecco in golden bottles which again reflected the light effectively. Glass Kilner jars store lemon and lime slices and Costa coffee is available for a caffeine-stop.

Top (L-R): Clear kilner jars decorated the coffee-station as well as containing slices of fresh lemon and lime; further bovine wall art
Bottom (L-R): Bright colours have been used throughout the restaurant, including infographic prints for example; the main ingredients of beer print is within the bar area and (R) the large cow divided into it's meat cuts creates a fun room divider.

As a family, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience we had at The Rusty Cutter. We could not fault the service from the manager and our server and the food was fantastic. Since the restaurant interior was new I decided we would have a few new meals from the menu; the duck wings (which Alexander demolished like a cave-man) and cherry bakewell slice with custard, both were delicious. The Rusty Cutter has set a bench-mark for our expectations for enjoying a meal in a Beefeater Grill restaurant. The interior decoration has contributed marvellously to its new image and reputation.

Have you visited a Beefeater in the past? Let me now whether you have eaten at a new and improved Beefeater grill restaurant.

If you haven't visited one lately and I suggest you should, have a look at the short preview here:



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