Monday, 30 November 2015

Gro Light Review

The Devon-based Gro Company offers a variety of nursery products which make night-time a little bit more easier for parents and children including the popular cosy Gro-bags, Gro-blinds to block out late evening sunlight and the extremely handy Gro-Clock which encourages a good morning routine.
We were lucky enough to receive a Gro-Light for the purpose of this honest review. I personally had never heard of the Gro-Light, but now we have one I will be recommending one to all my friends with young children.

The Gro-Light is an LED-night light which fits to your normal overhead light or bedside lamp. Flick the switch once to turn on the night light which fills your baby's or child's room with a brightness-variable soft glow. Need the main light on? Flick the switch twice and you will have your usual full light back.

Gro Light flick of a switch
This is a practical night light which can be adjusted from a soft glow light, perfect for minimal disturbances, to bright light at the flick of a switch

The Gro-Light is available in two fittings to suit your overhead light or lamp; screwfix or bayonet and it is easy to add to the existing light fixture. Turn the dial to adjust the brightness of the Gro-Light but be aware that the Gro-Light is not compatible with dimmer switches.

Neither of the children have ever had night lights and that certainly has not influenced a fear of the dark in Lily's case. We usually just keep the upstair's landing light on from the time they go to bed at 7 pm to the time we retire up to bed at 10pm, by that time they are usually in a deep sleep and not easily stirred by lights switching on and off and noise.
In our Victorian house, we have creaky floorboards and peering around the door into the children's rooms usually involves some degree of balance to avoid treading on the dreaded creaky board which could disturb them. Now the Gro-Light has been fitted to Alexander's room light I don't have to squint so hard when I poke my head into his room. I simply quietly enter his room and flick the light switch once to softly illuminate the room with a white-blue flow which doesn't disturb him. Satisfied that he is okay, I turn off the Gro-Light by flicking the switch again and retreat out of the room. During times of illness the Gro-Light has been particularly useful, when Alexander needs to be held but not in complete darkness and not in bright light.

Lily has noticed this new Gro-Light and I daresay she would like one of her own fitted to her main room light or perhaps a small lamp. With the brightness dial turned down to low I would be happy for her to have it on until I go to bed. I feel it would be safer than using a plugsocket nightlight too. It will also prove useful when potty training commences.

Fitting and the first impressions of the Gro-Light feature in our vlog from the Sophie and Lily channel, skip to 13:28 if you prefer:

It really is a nifty gadget which we appreciate very much and has contributed to having a peaceful night's sleep. The Gro-Light is available for £17.99 from  

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