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I love having fresh flowers in my home. I would consider it a staple as I grew up in the family home of an artist and everywhere you look there are several vases with different flowers, bought for work or pleasure. I try to buy seasonal flowers and occasionally I get a bouquet from Rob. This time I tried an online flower shop and ordered some flowers I have never bought myself, let alone arranged.

For the purpose of this review I decided to choose a bouquet of flowers which are very different from roses and calla lilies, because I can buy them from most supermarkets if I wish and florists. I chose tropical flowers called Anthuriums which can come in a variety of different colours; greens, purple and pink with white and yellow for example. They often have a shiny appearance; in the right light you could think these are fake flowers! Anthuriums also have a long flowering life of around 3 weeks, so I hope to enjoy them for far longer than other flowers I have bought which often come supplied with a flower liquid.
Shiny Anthuriums; part of the Arum family is a new Dutch company which works with local farmers and the website offers customers an opportunity to buy fresh flowers online, which will be delivered to the UK between 4-5 days for FREE. The flowers are cut first thing in the morning and are only sent between Monday and Wednesday to avoid the flowers being left in postal depots. They arrive laid flat, packaged in a cardboard box, ready for arranging, so you can be as creative as you want. Just from browsing the website I gained some inspiration for orchid cascades and since you can choose some flowers in a colour of your choice, you can produce a wonderful arrangement for your desired scheme. I have been recently inspired by a autumnal floral arrangement within a carved pumpkin.

There is a large variety of roses to be selected from on the website, if the different kinds of flowers were divided into their own categories it would improve the user-friendliness of the website. Personalised ribbons can be added and even glass vases. If you have an event such as a wedding coming up, you have the option to purchase heart-shaped floral oasis. Just trim each flower stem down to about 1.5" and stick into the foam. It has a great effect. even offers a flower subsciption service, which you could sign up for to receive a bouquet of flowers of your choice once a month for 6 or 12 months. How wonderful would that be for all flower lovers and artists. My mum always maintains that a house isn't a home without flowers in it, adding extra life and colour. I think she is very true.

About my website experience and delivery

Initially a few misdirections occured when I was browsing the website and perhaps it would benefit from categorising the different flowers to make it easy to search through all the varieties, but overall it was good for a start-up company. My delivery of anthuriums took a little longer than expected due to a logistics problem at the flower farm in the Netherlands and of course they didn't want to post them if they were going to be stuck in a postal depot over the weekend.
I received a tall box which contained the securely laid flat blooms which had extra long stalks to allow for creative arranging. Each flower was loosly covered by a plastic bag to protect it and the flowers were organised by their colour and secured together by a pink ribbon. Each stem was encased in its own individual vial of water with lid to prevent leakage. All of these factors ensured that the flowers remained fresh during their transit to the UK.

Each flower head was gently encased in a clear plastic bag to protect the delicate petals; each colour was grouped together and secured with pretty ribbon and each stem had its own non-leak vial of water.

 As per instructions I removed 2 cm of stem at the end and put them in water to recover after their journey. I was really impressed by the quality of the anthuriums and the gorgeous colours. The red and green flowers are very seasonal, it gave me an idea of making a christmas wreath. Only one green anthurium had the slightest touch of brown discolouration, but aside from that, all the flowers didn't look worse for wear at all.
I allowed the flowers to remain in water for longer than recommended to acclimatise to the temperature of their new surroundings before choosing a vase and arranging them. A few of the flowers were quite stubborn and didn't want to face the way I wanted them too! After some tweaking I am very pleased by the result.

Anthurium collage

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