Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Meal Plan | End of November

This week is a short week as we will be away at the weekend for my Grandma's 89th birthday celebration. Unfortunately both Rob and the kids have been unwell, so I didn't stick to the meal plan as at one point I was just cooking for one; got to keep my strength up looking after the kids.

I still have some meat in the freezer and some salmon so I will use them soon.
We went to Sainsbury's on Sunday. If you'd like to see what we bought you can watch the vlog here:

Alexander was not himself when we got into the supermarket, so whilst he and I disappeared into the cafe for coffee and cake, Lily and Rob did at least half the shopping without me, so it felt a lot more leisurely. However when Rob shops he tends to pick up multiple packs, one for now and one as a spare.

All being well, I intend on making tacos this week, although we totally forgot to buy taco shells. We haven't eaten tacos in a while and Lily has requested them. I'd like to make a homemade lasagne too, with added green lentils but sometimes I find that by the late afternoon I haven't left enough time to make and assemble a lasagne. I have bought some more spelt flour so I could make some more bread rolls. I made individual rolls in a muffin tin and they tasted great spread with butter and enjoyed with soup.

After adjusting the spelt pizza dough recipe and it being well-received by Rob and the kids, I could make 2 pizzas. I used to use the dough to make just one deep-pan pizza, but two thin base pizzas mean leftovers (only joking, we don't do leftovers here!).

Have a great week everyone.

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