Sunday, 8 November 2015

Our Week in Pictures

This is my first post showcasing our week in pictures. Although in last Sunday's Sunday Reflections I did post 6 or so photos I didn't elaborate any more on them. So inspired by Claire who blogs over at The Witt Family and her recent Week in My Pictures, I decided to create my own. I hope you enjoy.

Monday 2nd November:

As well as creating a blog post for The Little House of Science, Monday felt like one of those busy days. Lily went to preschool in the afternoon and after a dog walk with Digby, Alexander and I walked to town with the idea of getting a new lead since somehow Digby had twisted his lead around a rear tyre of the pushchair! Luckily it was a dry day, but it got dark a lot earlier and I had to race home to roast a chicken. Our oven can be a bit temperamental with its thermometer, so it wasn't quite done by the time Rob and Lily came home. It was delicious when it was finally cooked.

Tuesday 3rd November:

Rob and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We exchanged cards and small gifts. The theme for three years of wedded bliss is leather. I received a very nice pair of dark tan leather gloves, which kept my hands every warm, dry and cosy during our misty wet dog walk later in the forest.
I enjoyed possibly my penultimate Beanies maple and walnut coffee. The bag is almost empty and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. It feels like a treat and unlike some flavoured ground coffees, this actually has a rich nutty yet sweet flavour.

Wednesday 4th November:

The kids had a whale of a time ransacking the living room, hours after they had helped tidy up. Typical! Alexander found a pair of my knickers and wore them around his neck, he's a strange one and decided to have a tantrum. If he could talk, he would probably say that I was being an #assholeparent for some irrational reason. Maybe I didn't let him walk around brandishing an un-lidded glue stick, he has taken a liking to it which is strange.

Thursday 5th November:

On Thursday, Alexander and I took Digby for a damp walk. It was misty wet but we persevered. By the end of the walk whilst we were on the home straight it started raining sideways. At that point I decided to take the bus into the centre of town, rather than walk in as usual. We met Claire and Violet for a spot of retail therapy. The kids were very good; Alexander adores Violet. We accidentally took the lift up to the food court as we were talking too much so we decided to have brunch/lunch at the Handmade Burger Company. We figured that if customers were queuing for KFC at 11:10am then we wouldn't look too out of place ordering sweet potato fries and a cheeseburger! 

Photo from the Handmade Burger Co website

Friday 6th November:

Today was a horrible wet day and we suffered a bit from cabin fever. We focussed on phonics and Lily writing in different sizes. The kids received a Toddlebike2 to review and were very excitable. Alexander had a sit down on it, then proceeded to wave it around! He isn't the strongest baby in the world, the pre-balance bike is just super light!


Saturday 7th November:

Another wet, miserable day, so like many families we headed for the swimming pool. Lily is very confident in the water and enjoys rolls around like a mermaid. She has requested goggles so she can go underwater! Alexander actually enjoyed this visit. I think initially he just dislikes the cold and the massive bubble jets around the rapids. We had dinner with our long-time friend who we met whilst at university but lives locally. I left Rob at home with the kids in bed and skedaddled off to watch The Martian and saw a few fireworks on the way. It was a long film and there was one thing that stuck in my mind; I noticed Mark Watney had Variera IKEA storage boxes on Mars! 

Sunday 8th November:

Today saw us up early which we weren't ready for, having only gone to bed at midnight we felt like we could have a few more hours! I baked some spelt pastry jam tarts to bring to Violet's birthday party and I'm quite surprised that Rob didn't eat any for breakfast! We had a wonderful afternoon; the kids had so much fun and I swear Alexander weighed more when we left. I couldn't believe how much he ate - where does it go!?
Lily's princess hair
Lily's Princess Hair

Jam tarts
Homemade Jam Tarts

Thanks for reading, hope you have a good week ahead.


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