Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday Reflection

As I look out of my window:
It's very dark and has been foggy all day with very few breaks of sunshine. What a start to November!

Right now I am:
I've just finished cooking my children a quick meal of fried eggs. After a roast turkey lunch none of us fancy a roast chicken for supper and I don't fancy doing any cooking apart from completing the toffee apple crumble.

Thinking about: 
The Russian aircraft accident and plans for the week ahead, and also, where the heck did October go?!

On my bedside table: 
"I hate Housework" by Clare MacNaughten writing as Modern Military Mother. A fantastic read; compiled of blog posts from 2010 highlighting the dynamics of military family life, the relatable truths about social circles, parenting and more.

On my TV tonight:
The plan is to watch the first episode of "Vikings". Rob and I are rather enjoying "The Last Kingdom" by the BBC. Rob has even read the book, although a long time ago he can recall some of what happens. If you enjoy Game of Thrones, then this Saxon versus the Danes drama will definitely fill that gap.

Listening to: 
"AKA...What a Life" by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Around the house:
The carved pumpkin is no more; it made its own soup in the plate it was sitting on. Rob accidentally poured some on me, delightful. The pound shop LED glitter lights are flickering mournfully as they lose their glow.

Food for thought:
We have been enjoying some smoothies from the Love Taste Smoothie Company. Ready chopped different varieties of fruit combinations (even a green one with broccoli, Lily's favourite!) packaged in individual sachets and frozen.
Smoothie fruity layers straw

We have been trying the frozen fruit and apple juice combo, but going to move onto almond milk plus banana to make a more satisfying start to the day. If you shop with Ocado I recommend you try a bag, you can then easily make a great tasting smoothie regardless of whether you have any fresh fruit available or not.


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