Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Love Smoothies

The Love Taste Co. offers a range of frozen fruit smoothies which quite simply makes smoothies simple. Sometimes there may not be enough time to dice up fresh fruit in the morning to produce a fruity, vitamin-packed breakfast, and in our family fresh fruit disappears very quickly so it is reassuring to know that if the freezer has a couple of pods you are a step away from a delicious drink.

You may be acquainted with Love Taste smoothies already; I mentioned them in my Sunday Reflection blog post a couple of weeks ago, featuring this colourful image. If only smoothies could be served like this, it has certainly given me some ideas for fruity ice cube layers for next summer!
Sliced fruit smoothie logo

Smoothies are only a matter of minutes away; simply drop a frozen fruit and puree pouch into your blender, add 200 ml of liquid; apple juice, almond milk, ice cream - whatever you fancy, blend and voila! I have served these smoothies in bowls, a little bit thicker than usual with some flaxseed sprinkled on top. Eating a smoothie like this with a bowl and spoon makes it feel like a proper breakfast rather than a drink.
Love Smoothies Broccoli & the Beast
Honestly, Lily (age 3.10 years) adores this smoothie!
I don't think we have had green smoothies containing vitamin C-rich broccoli before; usually kale features a lot and the mango adds extra flavour

Love Smoothies are available to purchase from Ocado and a bag containing five 140g sachets costs £4.79. For the price of convenience I think that this is a fair price. Sometimes you may not have enough time to prepare a smoothie from scratch in the morning or perhaps you may not have enough fresh fruit. In our household, fresh fruit doesn't last long and our fruit bowl constantly needs topping up. I like the fact that a few bags can be stored in the freezer to pull out for an impromptu snack or satisfying breakfast. They will be just perfect once the Christmas season is over and the January health-kick begins. I can see why Love Smoothies were deemed a nutritionist-approved food by a Women's Health Magazine panel and selected by a team of nutritionists for the the Women's Health 50 Best Food Awards in 2015.

I've since heard that The Love Taste Co. has introduced a bone-broth, which is a fantastic idea if you don't have the time to prepare it from scratch. And if you have ever enjoyed a frappe from a Pret a Manger, chances are it was a Love Taste Co. product. What will they think of next?


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