Saturday, 9 January 2016

Blubbering & Camping | #littleloves

We have made it through the first full week of 2016!

I intend on collaborating on more blog linkies this year, so when I found this one via Emily and Indiana  I thought it was simple enough to give it a go. It is the #littleloves linky created by Coffee Work Sleep Repeat which encourages bloggers to summarise their past week with a short blog post categorising their time used with the headings below.


I am still reading two books at once; The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by G.R.R. Martyn which has some incredible illustrations in it which makes the read so much more alive and The Queen's Confidante by Karen Harper which I have picked up and put down then forgotten about so many times I feel I must, must finish it!
The historical-fiction I have been enjoying for a while
MUST fnish!


Rob and I watched Disney Pixar's The Good Dinosaur together and I actually felt quite emotional at the end. No spoilers here, sorry!


I have barely been listening to music on my Spotify account this week, which is pretty unusual for me. It is normally playing whilst I cook our supper but this week our neighbour's daughter serenaded us through the walls with a karaoke edition of Uptown Funk which sent me and Alexander into an impromptu boogie around the kitchen!


I have made a variety of different suppers this week and I will post some photos tomorrow. Definitely not been a baking week which is a difference to this time last year when I was baking several delicious sacher tortes.


I've been wearing more odd socks this week than usual and some of them belong to Rob. I've just bought some new socks from Primark so I will see how long they last married up!

And lastly

Rob and I have been camping downstairs for the majority of this week on our sofa bed whilst our bedroom is decorated. It has been quite fun to have our bedding downstairs and some days I have not folded the bed away so the kids have enjoyed jumping on it and we have all enjoyed having cosy cuddles following a damp walk with a happy pup. Perhaps it will become a semi-regular thing for movie nights.
Lily "asleep" in our sofa bed
Despite the disruption decorating brings, having a sofa bed has been fun and cosy for us all



  1. I just finished The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms on audible this week. Never listened to a book before so it was a bit odd, but the book itself is great. I love The Queen's Confidante too. I'm a bit of a history geek so books like that are always my favourites. Have a great week x

    1. We are very similar with book tastes then :) thanks, you too :) x

  2. Welcome to Little Loves! So please that you've joined in :)
    The Good Dinosaur is such a sweet film isn't it?
    My kids love having their duvets downstairs for movie nights so I'm not surprised that leaving your bed out has been a hit! Hope the re-decorating is going well xx

  3. We are terrible for taking the duvets downstairs and then they just end up living there as we have a few spare ones haha. We're often all wrapped up. I took them up when we bought some more throws in the Next Sale. Ours would love snuggling up though on the sofa bed for movie nights, that sounds like a great idea. Not sure all 6 of us would fit in easily though. We've not watched The Good Dinosaur yet, the eldest two didn't like Inside Out although I would've loved it I'm sure they went with their other Mummy and they all said it was boring. I've heard it's quite slow starting and the same of The Good Dinosaur so it put me off taking them. I think we'll watch it when it eventually makes it's way to Netflix or Amazon Prime though haha. We're always so far behind. We're also the home of odd socks, haha. I'm sick of trying to pair them up as they all just wear them odd anyway, so it's pretty pointless. Nice to have you join in #littleloves


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