Thursday, 7 January 2016

Goals for 2016

A new year means a new start and I have been considering what I would like to do in 2016. Note that I am simply swapping the word 'resolution' for 'goals'; this is just because to me New Year's Resolutions always seem to be short-lived and related to diets and manic-exercising. Here are my goals for this year, and hopefully they will be for the long-term.


I am usually such an avid reader but in the last couple of years, since Alexander was born I haven't given myself enough opportunities to sit down with a good book or even a Kindle. I have definitely purchased many books and perhaps started them but then some evenings distract me, especially if I find I have editing or writing to do. I will try to read a little in the evenings and have absolutely no screens on. I have a growing collection of historical fiction to enjoy, so I'd better continue.

Further education

Never too old to start learning, whether it be a language, an instrument or something completely out of your comfort zone. I would like to discover what history courses are available to me, preferably accredited but mostly for my own pleasure.

Cutting down impulse buying

I have started reducing unnecessary top-up shopping or fanciful purchases. This means that I am using up what I have in the cupboards before I purchase any more. Until recently we owned so many different flavours of tea, but ultimately we chose the ones we know and love and some get neglected and lose their flavour. A new flavour will be justified when I have used up what I have. Since Rob has started drinking more fruit tea I anticipate that he will choose a flavour of his choice. Same goes for anything else which could lure me with being on offer because it will be on offer again - when I need it. And this also applies to IKEA, but their clever maze-like layout makes random purchases feel almost like a necessity! How many of you can relate to this?
using tea up before buying more
Rob is working his way though the fruit teas but unfortunately for him I have also hidden some Dr.Stuart's tea bags in this box, some of them don't taste too pleasant!

Find a balance between working on my blog and YouTube channel

If you have any ideas, send them this way!
finding a balance between two hobbies
Alexander in January this year and Lily in her Christmas party dress last December

Trying new recipes

This is something I am continuing to do and always will do. Even if I try something just the once. For example, for Rob's birthday I bit the bullet and made a chocolate mousse-filled roulade which was flourless and lactose-free. And cracks in a roulade are perfectly acceptable, phew!

chocolate mousse roulade
First attempt at a roulade or anything which involves a swiss roll tin!

I would like to make spelt pasta, perhaps filled with some delicious combination but I will see what I am capable to doing just by rolling it out, as I don't own a pasta cutter/roller.
meal planning to include new recipes
Meal planning with new recipes; I have started a new diary and writing my meal plan there. I wonder whether cod marinaded in sesame oil, five-spice, soy sauce and a little honey will taste good

Wardrobe rotation

I intend on going through all of our clothes thoroughly soon. I do this with the kid's clothes mainly, as they are growing so quickly. I usually pass on any outgrown clothes of Lily's to a good friend who has a daughter 2 weeks older than Alexander, so it is very nice seeing the classic Lily outfits again. And Alexander's outgrown clothes get passed on to my cousin's son who was born almost a year after Alexander, so the clothes are mostly all perfect for the size and for the season. Then I see what I can do with the rest; the kids really wear their clothes so a small minority are possible to sell on online or from a charity shop, but that isn't the be all and end all as I'm not precious about keeping their clothes in a sellable condition as we lead an active, outdoors-friendly life.

Getting the most out of my clothes

I anticipate that by looking through my own clothes I will notice clothes which haven't seen the light of day for a while, so I plan on wearing these to get some use out of them, especially those which have only been worn once or twice!

I think that these goals are acheievable but I do expect some dips in the year when I require more motivation, as many of us experience.

Have an excellent year ahead everyone :)

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