Monday, 4 January 2016

Meal Plan 4th -10th January

I haven't participated in a meal plan linky before, so I was rather intrigued when I saw "Meal Planning Monday" by "At Home with Mrs M". Usually I upload a grocery vlog on my Sophie and Lily YouTube channel each Tuesday (time and technology depending!) and include an outline of my meal plan with a link to a blog post which goes into more detail. This month at least I have other commitments which are taking up my YouTube time but I want to give more to my blog.

In yesterday's post which focussed on Post-Christmas food, you will notice that our meals have a asian/fusion-theme. I am finding these meals really easy to prepare, they don't take a lot of planning and they are relatively healthy. There are significantly less typical meat with potatoes and vegetables kind of meals this week.

Chicken in black bean sauce, stir-fried vegetables and rice or rice noodles

Ocado grocery shop today and I haven't ordered much meat, if any as I managed to get plenty of chicken and even some lamb for 99p-£1.23 per pack from Sainsbury's on Boxing Day and they are waiting in the freezer to be used as and when.

Salmon in a lemon, ginger and honey glaze with stir-fried vegetables, served with rice noodles (white or brown)

I have some pork in the freezer so I plan on making sweet and sour pork with, you've guessed it, rice or rice noodles. Brown or white...Rob isn't sold on brown rice but it is less processed after all.

This could be our first traditional meat and veg meal today in the form of lamb steaks, roasted sweet potatoes, green vegetables. Alternatively, if Rob is out at his gaming social, I will try beef faggots cooked in gravy with mash and vegetables. I haven't tried them before, worth a try.

I may swap the salmon dish for today, depending on the date; it is Fish Friday after all! Otherwise we will try a quick Korean beef bowl dish with stir fried vegetables and rice.

Chicken stuffed with basil lactofree cream cheese, wrapped in bacon

Slow-cooked gammon, roasted potatoes and a medley of vegetables.

I'm looking forward to our meals this week. Look out for the grocery haul post tomorrow :)


  1. Everything sounds delicious! That salmon meal on Tuesday actually made my mouth water just reading it. Look forward to seeing more meal plans and welcome to the linky!

  2. That sounds lovely - are you dairy free too? Only I noticed the lactofree cream cheese. Have a lovely week.

    1. Thank you. I'm not, but my husband is (as well as wheat and potato free!) so lactofree products make cooking and baking simpler. Thanks, you too :)

  3. I love the sound of the salmon - it's not something I eat that often as it has a tendency to give me a migraine for some reason, but I do love it. #mealplanningmonday

  4. Thanks for joining in for the first time - lovely to have you on board! I love the sound of salmon, that sounds delicious - I've decided I don't eat enough salmon, I forget how much I like it!


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