Friday, 8 January 2016

My Underpants Rule!

"MY UNDERPANTS RULE!" is a brightly coloured book created by Kate Power which teaches children a golden rule to protect themselves if they should ever find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

Partnered with her husband Rod, the 26-page illustrated book was created drawing on her frontline police experience and her background in criminology, psychology and teaching. "My Underpants Rule!" is aimed at children between 3 and 8 years old and the use of age-appropriate language helps get this important message across.

So lets talk pants.

"What's under my pants belongs only to me

No one has the right to make a child do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable and scared. If anyone tries, tell your child that they have the right to say 'NO'. Always remind your child that they can always talk to you about anything which may be a cause of worry or upset.

And others can't touch there or ask me to see
But safe grown-up or doctor when I'm not healthy

Educate your child that what is beneath their underwear are private and that no one else should ask to look or touch, or ask them to look to touch someone else's. However, sometimes Doctors and Nurses may have to. Explain to your child that this is okay, and explain why this scenario is okay and that the Doctor or Nurse will always have to ask the child whether it is okay first.

What's under my pants belongs ONLY to ME
And if this rule's BROKEN I can RUN, KICK or SCREAM
Yes it's really okay if I make a big scene
My underpants rule has been broken you see
What's under my pants belongs ONLY to ME!"

Reinforce to your child that "No" means "No" and that they should speak up if they feel at risk, sad, anxious. Also talk about what makes a a secret "good" or "bad" and what the difference is and that telling a secret will not result in trouble or hurting someone.

Please watch this short YouTube video and have a read of the book or the rhyme I have included above which you can teach your child in a fun, sing-song way.

Rob has read this book with Lily and you can watch a little clip within this vlog on our YouTube channel, Sophie and Lily. Skip to 11:55, if you prefer.

My Underpants Rule! has been selected by the UK's leading child safety organisation, the NSPCC and the Northern Ireland Department of Education in order to improve educaton, raise awareness and combat child sexual abuse. I highly recommend tactfully broaching this subject in an age-appropriate way that engages young children and the My Underpants Rule! book is perfect for this task.

This is an Australian publication, but it can be purchased on Amazon UK. You can read more on the My Underpants Rule! website here and the NSPCC website provides more information on keeping children safe.

Thank you for reading this topic.

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