Saturday, 16 January 2016

Play-Doh and Sad News| littleloves #2

Each Saturday I intend on joining the #littleloves linky which provides an opportunity to remember the things that I have enjoyed over the past week with the same headings or categories each week.


I read sad news this week about the deaths of two great men in the entertainment world; glam-rock legend David Bowie and romantic plus villainous actor Alan Rickman. This year has started on a flat note already. I can't believe that they died so young at 69 and both from terminal cancer.


I oversaw Lily make some wonderful Play-Doh cookie creations this week featuring aliens, funny faces, Oreo-style biscuits and I even got creative myself. Some of the moulds are a little too delicate for Lily to use effectively at the moment, so I am in charge of creating the tiny details such as orange segments and tiny lovehearts which she wouldn't be able to remove from the plastic tray without completely squashing it. Unusually she has been very good at keeping the different colours of Play-Doh separate, so we won't end up having lots of mucky brown play-doh to use, hooray!

Play Doh Cookie Creations


This week I have been playing some Bowie whilst cooking, and I have been enjoying dancing Alexander around the kitchen to "Let's Dance" and "Golden Years" which I think I must have initially heard when I first watched "A Knight's Tale" starring another actor no longer with us, Heath Ledger. The rest of my Bowie influence would have been the music coming through the floor into my bedroom disturbing my pre-teen and teenage lie-ins.

David Bowie's last Album art


This week I baked a shortbread traybake using up a jar of Duerr's mincemeat. I don't think I made as many mince pies as I would have usually last year, and I think I may have another jar to use up. Essentially this traybake is mince pies in slice form and delicious! As usual, I used spelt flour combined with ground almonds and dairy free spread.

Mincemeat shortbread traybake
Delicious way of using up a jar of mincemeat leftover from Christmas


I have been wearing my new sweaters from H&M which have some bright, funky designs on it and only cost me £5.99 each. Whilst they are relatively thin, and my mum would argue they aren't warm enough, they are perfect to layer up with as I dislike getting too hot in a big jumper then too cold without it.

Geometric H&M sweater
Excuse my fishtail plait; I gave up towards the end and merged it into a normal plait. Took 3 attempts at securing it as the new Primark hair ties kept snapping!

And lastly

My little girl Lily is 4 on Monday and I swear she has done a lot of maturing just in the last week which is very scary. Her childhood is speeding up sometimes and I can't stop it or rewind it.

Lily excited by her cookie Play Doh creations
So excited (and slightly cross-eyed!) with her cookie creations Play Doh seat



  1. Ooh I love those play doh creations sets, Indiana got a food making one for Christmas and I definitely had more fun haha! Yay to non brown play doh at the end too xc

  2. Loving the playdoh, my girl love a good playdoh playing sesh!
    That tray bake look delicious, what a good idea xx


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