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2016 Goals | January

I thought that it may be of use to write a blog post each month tracking my progress with my goals for this year. If you haven't read my goals, my initial post is here. I will use the same headings and reflect on whether I am meeting my goals or not and perhaps why that could be. By writing down my progress ( or lack of!) I can hopefully inspire myself to keep going or drum up some enthusiasm.


I've got to be honest and straight-away admit that I have totally and utterly failed at picking up a book during January. I'm still reading the same books by the way, both are completely different to each other but both inspired by historical fact or fiction. Hopefully I can finish 'The Queen's Confidante' by the end of February; 'The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms' is a sizeable book which I don't want to skim read quickly. Let's see how much time or inclination I have to read this month.

Further education

Whilst I haven't done any further research on history course, I have been reading up on various bioanalytical techniques within the field of genomics which I find fascinating.

Cutting down on impulse buying

During January I definitely tried my very best to reduce frivolous or unnecessary spending. January can always be a tight month so bargain hunting is key, but I have resisted many an offer because more often than not I knew I didn't need it there and then. I am using up household cleaning products before purchasing more for example; this may sound sad but I do like a good cleaning product haul, don't ask me why! I am also waiting for the next Tu 25% clothing sale in Sainsbury's which will probably be on over February half term as there are lots of clothes for Lily that I have my eye on which are perfect for Spring. Alexander is going through a growth spurt so new clothes have been purchased for him. Kids! keep growing!

Find a balance between working on my blog and YouTube channel

January didn't see me on YouTube as much; most weeks saw me upload a grocery vlog and that was dependent on how busy I was during the week, whether I got the editing done and all those other excuses. I'm saving for a new camera which will hopefully get me back into the swing of vlogging; my current point and shoot compact digital camera doesn't have any image stabilisation and what with my occasional shaky hands the footage can be anything but still.

Trying new recipes

For Lily's fourth birthday I made a salted caramel ice cream filled roulade which was delicious but very sweet. I made a salted caramel sauce in a completely different way to usual which created a deeper, richer caramel flavour and I made a flat meringue for the first time, slathered it in ice cream and rolled it up. I'm thinking about what to make for Valentine's Day already.

Salted caramel roulade, dairy free

Wardrobe rotation

I'm not sure if this is more of a short-term task or something that can be addressed at different points of the year when necessary but as part of my very early Spring cleaning (in December!) I went through all of our clothes and decided what should be passed on to a charity shop, recycled or passed on to younger family members. Everything was pulled out of wardrobes and chest of drawers and re-folded neatly. So far everything still looks neat and organised; even Lily's chest of drawers. Lily chooses what she wants to wear 90% of the time so I can't expect her drawers to look immaculate if she ends up rifling through it but so far so good. 

Getting the most out of my clothes

I have definitely made the effort to try to wear clothes which aren't in my regular rotation and give some of my well-loved clothes a break. I'm trying to wear more skirts too, I wonder how long that will last in the weather to come!

How are you progressing with your goals or resolutions for 2016?


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