Friday, 26 February 2016

Allergies & Knights| Little Loves #6

Another week has gone by and soon it will be March. I never noticed time going this quickly when I was a child and now the weeks are zooming by!
The children are all better now which is a relief. It is no fun having poorly children. But I am still deaf in my left ear and have a horrible sore throat. I am heading into the second week of these symptoms and it is more than likely caused by daffodil pollen which is a huge shame at this time of year. I've never had any ear problems before, so I hope it clears up soon with steam inhalation as the doctor recommended.
So onto my roundup for my week with the Little Loves Linky. Thanks so much to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my posts; there are so many so I understand it is difficult to have a good read. I enjoy reading other posts too and try to read as many as I can.


I have almost finished "The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" at long, long last! I am pretty proud of myself actually. I have been dedicating more time to reading, perhaps taking myself up to bed early and snuggling down with a cuppa and a book. Really helpful to have no screen time before going to sleep too.


The Revenent; all I can say is ( in the style of Helen Lovejoy from the Simpsons) "Won't somebody think of the bear cubs!" and seriously, that guy should have died a million deaths. No more spoilers :)
And Deadpool - was awesome and so funny.


In the last month or so we have been hearing Alexander say some funny things. Usually we'd be laying in bed one morning to hear him gasp and say "Oooh no!... a SHOE!!'' and now it has become "Oooh no!...a TWO!" whatever that means. Now we just copy him with mock gasps, even Lily suddenly breaks any silence with that daft exclamation.

Alexander in the New Forest


For our date night dessert I made an apple tart with a shortcrust base made out of spelt, slices of caramelised apples, topped with homemade custard and baked. It was so good but I only had two slices and Rob scoffed the lot! I was looking forward to that last slice but it became breakfast pie instead.
I also made Nigella's spring chicken recipe this week and for once I made it almost to the letter. Normally I adjust recipes to suit us because Rob is lactose, normal potato and wheat intolerant, and I use what we have in the cupboards rather than buy every last ingredient. So although we have eaten spring chicken several times before, this one was pleasantly different with a variety of flavours including tarragon and dijon mustard. At least there wasn't any coriander in there, phew

" Say No
to Cilantro!"

Nigella's Spring chicken


Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara in extreme black; although I think I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. I think it depends on what products I have applied to my under-eye area as sometimes I get smudges and other days I don't. I suppose it could also be due to changes in the skin throughout the month. I swear I can get oily skin around my eyes, which sounds bizarre. Does anyone else notice this? The day I find a mascara that reliably stays only on my lashes will be a happy day.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara


I am off to Kent this weekend to do some filming with my mum. It is really strange going back to my hometown and walking the pavements which I did so regularly in the past - I get little deja-vu flashbacks in various places and some memories are triggered by smells. I will have a long train journey ahead of me so I can unwind before I end up becoming a creative director for the rest of the day before drinks out with one of my old school friends.

Thanks for reading everyone, do check out more posts that have linked up with Little Loves. 
Have a fantastic weekend :)



  1. Aww bless Alexander,I love when they start coming out with words and phrases! Yay have a lovely time in Kent, and fx you're feeling better soon xx

  2. I want to see The Revenant - but I'm definitely seeing Deadpool on Monday. And I can't actually wait!!! I can't believe you don't like coriander though... x

  3. Loved that book. Helped get me over missing Game of Thrones so much, well for a week or so anyway! Have a great time in Kent, I'm from there too ;-) x

  4. I really struggle to wear mascara now. It's only since I had my son, but it literally just won't stay on my eyes, it prefers hanging out under my eyes


  5. Love the sound of that apple tart! I'm not surprised your husband scoffed the last bit. Yum.
    I really must go and see The Revenant before it goes out of the cinema.
    Hope you've had a good week this week xx

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