Friday, 5 February 2016

Birthday time and Baking | #littleloves 3

I have been pretty busy and preoccupied with Lily's fourth birthday over two weeks ago now (been distracted!) and having family to stay, so this post is a round up of the past fortnight. This is technically the last Little Loves post of January!

I have been completely useless at trying to get through my two books ( mentioned in my first Littleloves post) but I have been reading about different bioanalytical techniques, genomic screenings and diagnostics to jog my memory.

In terms of music I haven't been turning Spotify on, but I have heard a couple of rounds of "Happy Birthday" to Lily, who turned 4 on Monday 18th. Where has the time gone!?

Lily the birthday girl

Rob and I started watching Notting Hill back in December and have only just got round to completing it! It was funny rewatching the Christmas food adverts and made me feel rather hungry.

Recently I made a pizza dough using regular wheat plain flour and durum wheat semolina which makes a bit of a change to using spelt flour. But the pizzas were for lunch with friends and Rob is on a healthy eating health kick so he couldn't be tempted. I topped the pizza bases with tomato passata, slices of salami milano, fresh basil leaves and black spanish olives and it tasted pretty delicious and reminded me of holidays in the sun.

homemade pizza with spanish olives

I also made something a bit more indulgent; a meringue roulade filled with salted caramel ice cream. I made the salted caramel from scratch and melted the sugar first which is a different method to the bung all the ingredients in together and melt over a medium heat - kind of method but I think it heightened the toffee flavour. I then combined a few generous spoonfuls of the salted caramel sauce with a tub of Swedish Glace dairy free vanilla ice cream and spread it over the meringue before carefully rolling it up. It tasted divine and I will definitely make it again with different fillings.

Salted caramel ice cream filled roulade topped with flaked almonds

In addition to these yummy treats I also made cinnamon swirl pancakes which are just regular fluffy pancakes with an added swirl of a combination of brown sugar, butter and ground cinnamon. They caramelised once I flipped the pancakes over so it added a nice crispier texture to a usually soft pancake. I was naughty and ate mine with some leftover salted caramel sauce.

Cinnamon bun pancakes

Cinnamon bun pancake with leftover homemade salted caramel sauce

On Wednesday I lived in some workout gear comprising of super warm leggings which made my legs positively boil during a ballet work out. I got out my Ugg boots to warm up my feet but they too ended up being too hot! Can't seem to find a happy medium with my temperature gauge some days! I dug out my Pink Floyd sweater too, which I love.

Workout clothes and Pink Floyd sweater

And Lastly
It was Lily's fourth birthday on Monday 18th  and the previous day we went swimming and she went down the flume twice; once on her own. The lifeguard commented on her independence and we commended her patience as the queues up the spiral staircase to the flume were pretty long. She requested a carrot cake from Costco and a good amount went to preschool with her on Monday afternoon and her friends and keyworkers sang her "happy birthday". Monday morning saw us making a spontaneous booking to an hours trampolining at Oxygen Freejumping which was thoroughly enjoyed by all four of us. It was interesting to see the difference in parenting. We were definitely the parents also having a whale of a time rather than standing stoically beside children. Rob had so much fun bouncing off the wall-to-wall trampolines so much so that he is considering the venue as a stag do activity or perhaps maybe for his own birthday.

Oxygen freejumping

I hope everyone enjoyed the last few days of January. Can't believe that it is February already!



  1. All that food looks delicious! My girls would go mad for that roulade. They were just moaning to me yesterday about me never making puddings, oops.
    Those trampoline places are fab aren't they? The mister took the girls to one near us a few weeks ago and they had a ball. xx

  2. I'm so impressed with all that baking. They look amazing. I'm like you, rounding up my January. It seems to have gone so fast doesn't it. We have Birthdays in January too and it gets so hectic, right after Christmas.

  3. All your cooking and baking looks fab! I love the idea of a ballet work out too. They have just opened one of those trampoline places near us but since I am pregnant I can't jump. Think my toddler would love it.

  4. Omg I'm drooling over all of that delicious looking food! Have a great weekend :) xx

  5. Is it wrong to want to lick the screen? Perhaps it's because I'm on a diet, but all that food looks amazing! Those trampoline places always look so much fun, wish there was one near us. Have a great weekend x

  6. Aww I keep meaning to go to our local trampoline place but they don't allow my toddlers to have a go in the same session that the girls are allowed on, so that makes me sad. We can do it in two different visits, but it's frustrating as they can't all enjoy together. Well, yet... it's still new, maybe it will calm down. Or I should totally book a party there, yours looks great. Food looks amazing. We need to bake more. We're thinking strongly of going vegan so I guess I'll have to make a lot more. Happy 4th birthday little one #LittleLoves


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