Wednesday, 2 March 2016

e-cloth 2 week Challenge

For those of you who have watched my YouTube vlogs from it's inception will probably know that from watching my grocery hauls and Day in the Life- style vlogs that my tendancy to purchase and use eco-friendly household cleaning products goes through pits and troughs. Why is that? Honestly? Probably money-related to be honest; I do try to choose wisely but sometimes it is a toss up between a product which is friendly to us, water, the environment and one that actually works.

I have been challenged to use only e-cloths and water for 2 whole weeks. I will let you know how I found the experience and my reviews of the cloths from the 8 piece household cleaning set afterwards.
Wish me luck!

In case you are interested, the only products I have been sent to review in turn for an honest opinion over the course of 2 weeks is an e-cloth mop and an 8 piece household cloth set. All of which just use water to clean effectively, minus chemicals, minus aerosol sprays, surface taints and foam. Best of all; removes 99% of bacteria.

e-cloth household cleaning set

Here is a a quick run-down on each of the cloths;

The Kitchen cloth - features a scrubbing pocket to remove stubborn, stuck on dirt
The Stainless Steel cloth - features a striped side for brushed finishes and the smooth side on polished surfaces
The Hob and Oven cloth - also features a scrubbing side for loosening stubborn dirt on kitchen appliances
The Bathroom cloth - features extra long fibres perfect for enamel and taps
The Window cloth - use wet to remove dirt from grubby window panes and use dry to achieve a streak-free finish
The Glass and Polishing cloth x 2 - perfect for chrome, glass and stainless steel
The Dusting cloth - the only cloth to be used dry; uses its own natural positive electrostatic charge to lift and trap particles of dust

e-cloth household cleaning set multi-uses

The Deep-clean mop features an extendable, telescopic handle and a deep clean head with velcro. Designed for hard floors, the mop head's special weave and long fibres pick up dirt and break down grease and grime which some mops will miss.

e-cloth deep clean mop cleans just with water

I am yet to own a good quality steam-cleaner yet, so I will be interested to see how the Deep-Clean mop fares on our kitchen floor which is a high-traffic area with a moulting cocker spaniel.

Have you tried e-cloth? What did you think?


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