Monday, 15 February 2016

Meal Plan #6 | Meal Planning Monday

The lurgy is on its way out of our household now, hooray! Here is our meal plan for the week ahead. I did film a more food diary style of "A Day on My Plate" which should be available to watch here and over on my YouTube channel. It has more detail than just breakfast, lunch and dinner and includes snacks and drinks too.
Last week I included breakfasts in the meal plan, which I shall do so this week, even though I was unable to sometimes function in the mornings of last week zzzz...

Breakfast - Overnight oats with strawberry and raspberry
Dinner - Beef casserole with dumplings
This was on the planner for last week but I never got round to making it. The dumplings require a bit of effort what with grating the cold lard (delightful) and baking block. I do have a friend coming round tomorrow so this meal may be swapped with another depending on what we fancy and whether the alternative is simpler.

Breakfast - Porridge with golden syrup
Dinner - Depending on when Rob's gaming night is, one night this week will become 'Date Night'; the kids will have a different meal to us and Rob and I shall hopefully enjoy homemade pork gyozas, egg fried rice and stir-fried vegetables.

Breakfast - Toast with marmalade
Dinner - Sweet and sour pork, brown rice, stir-fried vegetables and prawn crackers

Breakfast - Red apple and raisin granola
Dinner - Gluten-free fish fingers, roasted sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables

Breakfast - Overnight oats with blueberries
Dinner - Smoked basa fillet with parsley sauce, roasted vegetables and broccoli

Breakfast - Bacon and eggs
Dinner - Spring chicken - not sure what to serve this week; perhaps rice instead of sweet potatoes?

Breakfast - Pancakes
Dinner - Homemade lasagne - hopefully this time the pasta sheets won't curl up!

Here is the giant fort of a pavlova I made last weekend, which eventually got filled with lemon-curd dairy free ice cream :)

Meal Planning Monday - Pavlova

Have a great week everyone.

What meals do you have planned this week?


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