Friday, 12 February 2016

Poorly Family | #littleloves 4

It has been a week full of sleep-deprivation for Rob and I. I'm not sure how much I can write for each heading to be honest. Functioning hasn't been easy and coffee has been my friend. Here is my fourth #littleloves post.


I don't think I have been able to read anything this week, like a proper book. But I did read a summary of a programme on ITV called 'Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries' which summed up the majority of my thought processes whilst watching the programme over two evenings. I hope her partner ups his game!


A very interesting discussion on BBC Four's Woman's Hour, called 'Breastfeeding - All, nothing or somewhere in between'. Recently a major study was published in the Lancet; Britain has the lowest rates of women breastfeeding for up to six months. And this has pretty much been the case since 1980. This programme asks many questions including, whether women are receiving the right kind of help, does length of time and how much matter and when is it a good idea to stop trying. Up to 80% of women in this country give it a go, so just why do many women find it so difficult? This programme tries to answer these points with two experts, and academic who has spent her career researching breastfeeding rates and a lactation consultant to provide advice to those who contact the programme. My mum informed me that I must be in the minority and I suppose I am according to this data. I am still breastfeeding my 19 month old son but it was by no means a bed of roses from the very start with Lily or Alexander.


Rob and I have been watching some 'Futurama' episodes and reminiscing about our student days together. Lily watches the Simpsons and will recite "Bernard Matthews sponsors The Simpsons on 4" which is embarrassingly funny but I think 'Futurama' is a bit more crude so she will stick with the yellow family for now.
I am also mournful that 'War and Peace' is over. It was amazing and it could have done with so many more episodes. I remember trying to read that book whilst on a family holiday in Croatia. It was a difficult book to get through.


On Sunday I made a lemon curd pavlova which was pretty simple even though each time I make it I have to look up my own recipe on my own YouTube channel! I combined a tub of dairy-free 'Swedish Glace' vanilla ice cream with several tablespoons of dairy-free lemon curd and Rob piled the baked fortress of a meringue high with the ice cream. It didn't necessarily have the appearance I would have wanted that way, but it didn't matter; it was demolished.

lemon curd pavlova production
I didn't have the opportunity to take a photo of the meringue fortress but you will be able to see a clip tomorrow or Sunday when I publish my Weekend Vlog on my channel :)


The children have been mostly having pyjama days this week whilst Lily recovered from this horrible bug (cold and sickness) and Alexander succumbed to it (just a cold and horrible cough). I've been getting properly dressed each day. If I stay in my pyjamas I don't feel as if the day has started.

Lily's pyjama day

And Lastly

It was Shrove Tuesday on the 9th and although we had a very pretty full on day, I still managed to make some pancakes. Cinnamon bun pancakes to be exact. I have surprised myself that I am enjoying cinnamon. I never used to like it. I highly doubt that my tastes will adapt to C  O  R  I  A  N  D  E  R ewwwwwww!

Cinnamon Bun Pancake



  1. Ooh those pancakes sound amazing!! Totally with you on the sleep deprivation. Hope you're all feeling better soon and get more sleep xx

  2. Those pancakes sound and look amazing - I'm a recent convert to cinnamon too but haven't quite developed a love for coriander either. Glad that the children are on the mend - there seems to be bugs around everywhere this week x

  3. Those pancakes look amazing!! And the coriander thing made me laugh, I love it but my OH hates it and I can never understand how he can't like it so I still add it into food I'm cooking, that's so mean isn't it?! I hate parsley though, one speck of that and I can't even eat the food! x

  4. Hope you manage to get some sleep soon! That programme sounds interesting. Having had one child in the UK and one in Spain, I'd definitely say it was easier and more accepted in Spain than the UK. I still didn't breastfeed for 6 months though, he pretty much decided for himself he didn't want to be breastfed by about 4 1/2 months and that was fine by me, but at least I could have continued and had access to help if I needed it in Spain, unlike in the UK.

    Those pancakes look amazing! I love cinnamon rolls and pancakes so combing the two sounds heavenly!

    Hope you manage to get some more sleep soon! x

  5. That lemon curd pavlova sounds amazing! Right up my street for sure. xx


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