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e-cloth 2 week challenge | My Thoughts

So two weeks ago I stopped using household cleaning sprays in favour of simply water and a variety of e-cloths; the complete house set of 8 cloths and the deep cleaning mop. Here is how I got on:

First impressions: I mentioned my initial thoughts in one of my vlogs on my own YouTube channel; I was interested to know whether I could have the same cleaning results with just e-cloths and water and the first thing I tested was the sink with the stainless steel cloth. It definitely created a shine so I was pretty impressed with that particular cloth which also worked a treat on the stainless steel hob.
Was I dubious about the 2 weeks ahead? Well after having a little test I was keen to experiment with all the cloths and the mop. I can't say that I am usually excited about cleaning but I was!

I am going to break down my thoughts on each e-cloth from the Home Cleaning Set below:

e-cloth home cleaning set and deep cleaning mop
For two weeks I only used the cloths from the 8 piece home cleaning set and the deep cleaning mop

the selection of e-cloths I used
Different colours with different textures depending on their use plus handy labels feature on these e-cloths

kitchen e-cloth with scrubbing corner pocket The Kitchen cloth - features a scrubbing pocket to remove stubborn, stuck on dirt
This worked wonderfully on table and kitchen surfaces and the scrubbing pocket made light work of any dried on dirt. It didn't quite handle muddy marks left on lower cupboard doors and kickboards though.

e-cloth ideal for stainless steel surfacesThe Stainless Steel cloth - features a striped side for brushed finishes and the smooth side on polished surfaces
This cloth gave stainless steel a lovely shine with minimal streaks but watermarks did become clearer as the surface dried

e-cloth designed for cleaning hob and oven surfacesThe Hob and Oven cloth - also features a scrubbing
side for loosening stubborn dirt on kitchen appliances
Did exactly that!

bathroom e-cloth with extra long fibresThe Bathroom cloth - features extra long fibres perfect forenamel and taps
Perfect for quickly wiping away soap scum and toothpaste marks in the basin and for cleaning the tiles. It didn't cope at collecting hairs though despite the extra long fibres.

e-cloth for streakfree window cleaningThe Window cloth - use wet to remove dirt from grubby window panes and use dry to achieve a streak-free finish
Absolutely brilliant! Worked a treat on my windows and for my glass shower screen.

The Glass and Polishing cloth x 2 - perfect for
polishing e-cloth creates a decent shinechrome, glass and stainless steel
I used this after cleaning my windows to make them look extra clean and shiny. Plus this cloth is fantastic for mirrors, photo and painting frame glass pane cleaning and spectacles.

quality e-cloth dusterThe Dusting cloth - the only cloth to be used dry; uses its
own natural positive electrostatic charge to lift and trap particles of dust
Very effective; dust gets collected so easily.

What about the deep cleaning mop?

I was interested to know how this would fare in a kitchen which is a high traffic thoroughfare so the tiles can get dirty plus the puppy is moulting. Did it work well? I am pleased to say that I am very impressed by the results that this deep cleaning mop gives, and how easy and pleasant it is to use.
The aluminium handle is lightweight and with a twist can extend to suit the user. The mop base rotates so it can slide into narrower areas to grab dirt.

The microfibre cleaning pad simply needs to be moistened with cold water, wrung out and then it adheres to the mop base using sturdy velcro tabs. It is advised that the floor is cleaned sweeping the mop in an 's' shape which reduces the amount of lint and dirt being left on the floor. Providing the floor has been swept beforehand, this deep cleaning mop fares well with any residual dog hair and creates clean, shiny tiles using only water. What could be better? Saves on cleaning products, that is for sure!

But what about the cloths, don't they get dirty?

They do, but a rinse a few times a day should help...

One piece of advice would be to own several kitchen cloths as they are used more frequently, that way one can be used whilst one can be washed. I washed mine every 2 days at 40 degrees during the 2 week challenge, but for long term use they would need to be sterilised to efficiently clean them of all the bacteria they have collected. During the day a good rinse in the sink for the cloths and the deep cleaning mop works well.

Overall thoughts?

e-cloth and health

Despite my 2 week e-cloth challenge being over now, I haven't stopped using the cloths and I haven't reached for my usual stainless steel cleaner for the sink just yet. Plus I have swapped our old mop for the e-cloth deep cleaning mop it works so well! So for now, our use of spray household cleaners which could be potentially harmful to health in the long term (particularly whilst I am sensitive to the daffodils right now) has significantly reduced and I am completing 90% of the kitchen and bathroom cleaning with just water and these magic e-cloths.

How about you? Would you swap from sprays to water and e-cloths?


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