Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Moving Overseas with Family for Work

For the past few weeks Rob and I have been learning Dutch, ever since I mentioned that if I had an option to move overseas I would probably choose somewhere in the Netherlands to live.

Last year we visited a beautiful part of the country beside the coast close to Burgh Haamstede and I loved just how clean it was and the fact that everyone rode bikes and had trailers for their children and / or dogs.
Rob and I often discuss where we could live for a year or so overseas and since I mentioned the Netherlands which is a place he has frequently visited he started researching the universities which could suitable for research over there.

If Britain goes down the Brexit route, this potential plan for our family could just remain a daydream. I'd like to give our young family the experience of living somewhere different and my children would adapt to the Dutch language as they are still little and still learning - which we all are; it is never too late to take up a new subject. Although like many countries in Europe, English is well-spoken and is used in schools, universities and general places like supermarkets. I found that even whilst on holiday, if I tried to speak in Dutch I had a response in English!

The FT Pub Quiz above sums up what the EU has done for Britain; if Britain does leave the EU the economy would be damaged as would scientific research and academics wouldn't be able to tap into a wealth of knowledge which Europe currently provides. Overall this could be detrimental to the ongoing science research which could be crucial to discovering cures to various cancers and developing vaccines.

In the meantime, despite the impending vote in the summer, Rob and I will still continue to learn Dutch.

Because, you just never know...


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