Friday, 4 March 2016

Vikings & Brownies | Little Loves #7

I won't be the first person you have heard or read say this, but I just can't believe that it is March already! My brain is still stuck on thinking it is January, keep up grey matter!!


For once I am able to writing a little bit more here for a change. I am still picking up 'The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms' and I wonder whether HBO could make something of it for TV. I know it is set 100/200 years before 'A Song of Ice and Fire' but there are a lot of familiar names. 'The Hobbit' followed 'The Lord of The Rings' trilogy and still was enjoyed as it probably got the attention of new Tolkien/Jackson fans. Last week I bought 3 new books for a pound at a church hall playgroup bookshop and I took the slimmest, most lightweight book with me for the train journey to my hometown in Kent. It is called 'The Speckled People' by Hugo Hamilton and it is his memoirs about a half-German, half-Irish childhood, kind of similar to Angela's Ashes.


Rob and I have started watching 'Vikings' and although we have only watched the first episode I think I am going to be hooked. We really enjoyed the Beeb's Danish versus Saxon historical drama 'The Last Kingdom' which finished a while a go, so this is bridging the gap until the next series.

Viking shield
Would you rather be a Saxon or a Dane?


Alexander has started saying "all done!" in a very grown up but childlike way. His voice is really developing as is his speech overall. We still joke about "Oh no!! A Shoe!"


Whilst in Kent I cooked for one of my oldest school friends; I made Hungarian beef goulash and even added sour cream as that is something I don't use at home and I discovered a box of triple chocolate brownie mix from Costco so whipped up a batch which tasted awesome. We ate some with custard (which for the first time ever I managed to nuke in the microwave, but a good stir helped!) and raspberries. The brownie mix was a good purchase from Costco; it was bought for Alexander's christening last August and there are three or four batches worth of dry ingredients inside. Just not suitable for diabetics, Dad!

Hungarian beef goulash


I removed my Primark rose gold necklace as Rob thought it was making my skin on my neck a funny colour. I wouldn't be surprised because it only cost £1 and I tend to wear a piece of Primarni jewellery to death (or until the colour wears away). It has been replaced with something a lot more brighter and chunky and it is actually a chewable teething necklace from La La Beads. I will be reviewing this fashionable necklace very soon and if you are interested on getting your hands on one yourself then be sure to enter my giveaway which I will run soon, so stay tuned for that. For what is it worth, I'd be happy to wear these necklaces even if I didn't have a teething child, they are pretty and versatile.

La La chewable teething bead necklace
Not actually miniature tennis balls as my mum thought, honestly mother!!

And lastly

Artist Julie King watercolours Irises
A sample of what I filmed over the course of the weekend

I really enjoyed my weekend in Kent and ended up there a day earlier as I accidentally forgot to select 'buy ticket(s) for tomorrow' at the ticket machine last Friday. So I decided I'd better just go and spend an extra night to begin filming my mum's art tutorials and vlogs. After I did the majority of the hard work (ended up getting a really bloodshot eye due to using a screen too much) me and my friend had dinner in, then ended up visiting a pub called 'Cassidy's' which we hadn't been too since we were teenagers. It is still kind of Irish but mostly good for watching sports. I managed to watch a little bit of Southampton versus Chelsea. Come on you Saints haha!

I hope you enjoyed your week whatever you got up to and enjoy your weekend :) Thank you for reading, don't forget to check out other Little Loves posts too!



  1. I was hoping they'd turn A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms into a series too, I loved it. Sounds like you had a great time back in Kent, I'm going back for the first time in a few years in summer to visit my family and I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends and visiting old haunts. Love your necklace, the tennis ball thing did make me giggle - exactly what my mum would say no doubt! Have a great week! x

    1. I think it would be worth it. I've seen the GOT trailer now and I can't wait! And I'm lost without the books, I hope he can finish them. Enjoy your trip back, take a trip down memory lane :) thanks, you too x

  2. Sounds like you've had a lovely time in Kent and I'm loving the look of that goulash! So did your mum paint that picture? It's beautiful! xx

    1. thank you :) yes she did, I filmed the painting process and turned it into a timelapse. I wouldn't know where to begin! x


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