Monday, 18 April 2016

Meal Planning Monday 18/4

It is Monday morning and it is time for my meal plan:

Monday - Tacos with black beans, corn on the cob
Tuesday - Homemade pizza and sweet potato chips
Wednesday - Sausages, hash browns and vegetables
Thursday - Korean Beef Bowl, stir-fried vegetables, brown rice with quinoa and prawn crackers
Friday - Cauliflower and mixed pulse korma curry with brown rice with quinoa and poppadums
Saturday - Lasagne with extra veggies

As for baking, I plan on making some savoury muffins with hidden veggies. Alexander ate two savoury muffins containing carrot, sweetcorn and courgette at playgroup last week so I thought I ought to make some myself as he really enjoyed them!

Thank you for reading :)

Chicken and mushroom pie
I do have some savoury pastry waiting to be used, and I never did make a pie last week!


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