Thursday, 12 May 2016

Anna and Elsa | My Wild Ones

Lily and Alexander both donned Anna and Elsa dressing up costumes and I enjoyed watching them both swish their skirts around and Lily rocked the Frozen kareoke (my ears!!). From behind, Alexander really reminds me of much younger Lily, only she didn't have as much hair as his current almost white-blonde mullet!

Lily and Alexander Anna and Elsa

Lily singing her heart out as Elsa

Alexander as Elsa

Lily singing away

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  1. Bless them, so cute! My eight year old still likes to dress up as Anna and Elsa, and I know what you mean about the singing!! Sarah #MyWildOnes

  2. Ah they are so cute! I think being Anna and Elsa is a modern day rite of passage! x

  3. LOVE the singing shots. She looks like she really is getting into the whole "let it go" thing... :)
    Popped over from #mywildones

  4. Haha the singing shots are AMAZING!!! It looks like they both had so much fun!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx


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