Monday, 16 May 2016

BigJigs Review | Stacking Tractor & Playcolour Makeup

Alexander and Lily had the opportunity as Play Patrol Agents to review the Bigjigs Stacking Tractor and the Playcolour Makeup respectively. I don't have any photos of Agent Alexander playing as he has been a poorly little bean, but Lily took great delight in investigating the latest wooden toy delivery.

bigjigs wooden craftmenship stacking tractor

The Stacking Tractor is perfect for those children who like anything mobile; this tractor's wheels really do move round so it is rather multi-functional which is ideal for the attention span of young children. Whilst it has been developed for children from the age of 12 months plus, this wooden puzzle toy offers problem solving and improves dexterity for older children too, as Lily demonstrated (she is 4). 

Stacking Tractor puzzle

Trying to assemble the puzzle correctly

Assembling the stacking puzzle pieces

Even she had to pay the puzzle careful attention to ensure the pieces were the right way round for the tractor farmer to look forward and for the collie dog to look out of the rear. As for Alexander, although he has yet to grasp the hang of assembling the stacking puzzle pieces, he enjoys slotting them on any which way and mainly pushing the tractor along. We love the colourful design of the tractor; it feels robust and I'm certain that the paint won't chip off even when Alexander decides to play rough with it.

The Stacking Tractor puzzle and pushalong has an RRP of £15.99

completing the stacking puzzle toy

Lily received the Playcolour Makeup Princess set to try out. This includes 3 glittery colours; purple, red and blue which are applied using a pen; twist to use more of the colour stick. The makeup stick ingredients have been dermatalogically and microbiologically tested; free of major allergens and parabens which is a plus for sensitive skin. It is also non-greasy so very little has transferred from Lily's skin to her clothes. I did test it; extra product did wipe away but the almost the entirety of the design remained on her skin and was washed off with soap and water.

Playcolour princess makeup pens

Despite the aforementioned claims, this product didn't immediately sell itself to me as a reliable, quality product as the packaging features a photo of a young girl who has had the facepaint photoshopped onto her face. In my opinion that isn't a great selling point; at least show what the product is capable of doing rather than doctoring an image. I decided to use the facepaints upon Lily's arms and hands, just in case of a reaction and found that they are ideal for self-use and toddler creativity.

The Princess set makeup kit has an RRP of £5.99

glittery wash off makeup pens

glittery wash off glittery playcolour makeup
The makeup pens are non-greasy yet glide on easily to the skin with minimal pressure

glittery butterfly design perfect for preschoolers
A 'butterfly'

Disclaimer: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review but all opinions expressed are my own.


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