Wednesday, 22 June 2016

#BML16 Update - Absolutely, definitely see you there!

As it turns out, my sister has suspected glandular fever, so there is no way I can have my parents look after the kids Friday to Saturday night. I definitely don't want to come into contact with any kind of nasty virus, especially if it seems like GF, even if it isn't. I'm not taking any risks considering I am pregnant!

Yes, we are expecting baby number three in December and I thought I'd better do an announcement vlog for my YouTube channel before I get chatting to people on Friday evening and on Saturday.
If you haven't seen it:

Oh yes, it does contain ducks and I will have to find some pretty paper or fabric to create 'little egg' to add to the end of the canvas.

Anyway, thank goodness for our back up childcare arrangement!

Now I just have a huge list on my iPad of things to do, I've just tried to clean my white non-Converse Converses. The rubber bits look white but forgive me if the rest looks a bit grey, London will make them grubbier I am sure. I have just sent my friend Claire a few pics of my Friday evening outfit and now about to wash the skirt and plan to iron it tomorrow. I have no idea what 'warms' to add it to though and I can't for the life of me find my Joules blazer jacket which also needs a wash!

Friday evening outfit
Baby wipes optional
I'd better continue looking for it, but I have been waiting for the kids to finally drop off before I start rummaging in the spare bedroom. The days should be getting shorter now though so hopefully Alexander won't be up too late or up too early very soon!

So yes, I plan on being as productive as I possibly can tomorrow, even fitting in a playdate as our usual playgroup will be a polling station tomorrow. Got to keep Alexander happy :)

So absolutely, definitely see you there, can't wait to meet you all!


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  1. you look gorge in that skirt very summery! lets hope the weather dries up!!! so excited for tomorrow i still need to pack!


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