Monday, 20 June 2016

Going to #BML16 ?!

This weekend I should be going to my very first Brit Mum's Live blogger conference. I bought my ticket perhaps late last year I think and Claire and I secured a decent hotel room to share for an affordable price so all in all pretty chuffed at our forward thinking. Just travel to sort now and as if the universe knew, South West trains have a promotion on; single travel to London for £16.00. Yes please!
Yesterday I went to Primark in Banbury with one of my best friends, without kids! Cue some impromptu purchases because a) I feel like I deserve it and b) out of what I do have to wear I'm not sure what to choose. I still don't know what to wear at the party on Friday night and I suppose it could be weather dependent. Welcome to the first day of Summer everyone, it is absolutely tipping it down!

Then yesterday evening some potential spanners got thrown into the works.

My sister has been down with a virus whilst on a cruise with my mum. Viruses and cruise ships are never a good combination. They are docking early Wednesday morning and I think my sister will go straight home. I don't require my mum to stay over and look after the kids until late Friday night at the very least and given she has spent a good amount of time confined to a cabin with a poorly daughter I am less inclined to have her to stay earlier. Then I learn that my mum's mum is in hospital so in the grand scheme of things, there are priorities that exceed my own plans.

So as it stands, it looks unpredictable and I hope to know what could be happening by Wednesday, but we have started making back up plans. Rob and I will be ships in the night; I will be in London and he will be in Portugal, so childcare is a big deal breaker.

Fingers crossed everything works out, I hope to see you there on Saturday!



  1. Oh no, hope everyones feeling better soon! And REALLY hope to see you Saturday! xx

    1. I hope everything turns out for the best, I will be so pee'd off if I'm unable to go :( xx

  2. Fingers crossed it all works out and you can still come! x


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