Saturday, 18 June 2016

Last Weekend in Tring

Last Saturday we visited Tring in Hertfordshire to visit some family. We got their earlier than we initially anticipated so we decided to head straight to The Natural History Museum

This was Alexander's first visit as a toddler and one of Lily's many visits - when she was around his age she ran straight into the glass exhibit housing the polar bear! Bless her!

hedgehogs at The Natural History museum

lily and the polar bear

tortoise ride

There were plenty of 'oohs' and 'aahs' and Rob and I tried to see what animal looked most like each other!


It is a great museum, a just round the corner from the High Street and it has free admission and parking too, plus plenty of activities for kids of all ages to complete as they view the exhibits of stuffed wild animals.

After the musuem we decided to have a walk into the High Street to find a small Farmer's Market and lots of Her Majesty's 90th birthday celebration bunting and a surprising amount of lampposts sporting knitwear!


knitwear in Tring

We meandered through the hustle and bustle of the High Street to go for a walk in The Memorial Gardens which has a lake and fountain. I saw some kind of bird of prey in a tree, but unsure of what it was, perhaps a kite but typically no one else saw it to confirm!

memorial garden


Lily and Alexander spotted rather large fish in the lake, plus a couple of ducks and we observed a family trying to retrieve their toy sailing boat from a collection of lilypads, using a long (but not long enough) stick and creating a human chain. I'm glad to say that the human chain didn't break, even though it was mostly formed of children, so the dad didn't go flying into the lake face first but unfortunately we didn't hang around long enough to see if they managed to get their little boat back.

trapped boat

I was pleased to find some elderflower in bloom; now I just need to find some that is unpolluted enough to collect and make cordial.

elderflower in bloom

In my auntie and uncle's garden we spotted some more nature; toadpoles,  this time very much alive, before we had a delicious lunch followed by a couple of desserts.



We had a brilliant day and despite the weather forecast the rain stayed away for the majority of the day.


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