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Transtioning from a cot bed | Acosy Bumper Review

For one night whilst we were on holiday, Alexander (23 months) screeched his head off as he simply hated being contained in his Samsonite pop up travel cot. Who could blame him really; he is not used to being so restricted and unable to have the freedom to move around. We barely slept a wink so the next night he slept next to Lily on a 'big boy bed' and he slept amazingly well! I was a little bit sceptical about such a milestone on holiday but needs must and we all slept a great deal better.
When we returned from holiday we found we had been delivered the Acosy Little Bed Bumper to review. What perfect timing!

Acosy bumpers logo

Rob removed the side of Alexander's IKEA cot-bed and I fitted the new extra deep cotton Acosy cot sheet over the foam bumper positioned at the side of his mattress. It is non-slip so I don't have to worry about rectifying the bumper each morning, in addition to making their beds. I initially wondered whether the bumper would really reduce the width of his bed and compromise his comfort, but it really doesn't at the moment. Alexander is approaching 2 and not the biggest of toddlers, so I am pleased with the size of Acosy bumper which will be transferred to his junior bed in due course.

Acosy Little Bed Bumper in packaging

Acosy bed bumper bed made

I have to say that Alexander was very happy to walk into the bedroom to find that he had the freedom to get in and out of his cotbed. He threw himself over the foam bumper to test it, before clambering out to get a book to take to bed. He got himself back in and tucked himself in, which was the most adorable sight! Even Lily hopped in too!

Lily and Alexander jumped into his bed

Was I apprehensive about the first night? No, not at all. I figured that since he had slept well in a bed whilst in unfamiliar surroundings whilst on our mini-break that he would take to it well in the comfort of his own bedroom. Plus, if it was going to be a bad night, the side cot rail is simple to replace and we would try again. Our eldest Lily stayed in her cot until she was 25 months, so we are only beginning this transition a little bit earlier, but we have noted that he is ready.

The first night was a complete success! He stayed in his bed, reading his stories after we had sung lullabies and I didn't hear any thumping or trashing the room, or complaints from Lily that he had got into bed with her (one of his favourite games until now, because he has his own). In fact he stayed in his bed until Rob got them in the morning to take them downstairs for breakfast; perhaps Alex forgot that he could clamber out!

Alexander in his cotbed minus the side

He has been in his cot bed with the Acosy bumper now for over a week and it is been absolutely plain sailing. I am glad that we have had the opportunity to review the soft Acosy bumper rather than a bed guard featuring metal framework as there is no chance that he or Lily could bump themselves on it and hurt themselves, or catch an elbow or knee on it. If only I had known about this option when I coslept with Alexander!

extra deep cotton cot bed sheet

Alexander's made up bed with the Little Bed Bumper

I would absolutely recommend this innovative, yet simple product to anyone wishing to begin the transition of their child moving from a cotbed to a junior or even single bed; Acosy offers a variety of sizes to suit different sleeping arrangements. The 100% nursery grade bumper itself doesn't contain any nasty chemicals that we normally associate with mattresses which offers peace of mind but my only very slight bug bear is that the sheet doesn't fit the bumper without creases - however I expect washing it will induce a smoother fit. The main thing is that it covers the bumper well which is non-slip, which makes it ideal to take away on holiday or to friend's and families' houses for sleepovers.

The Little Bed Bumper Acosy foam bumper retails at £9.99.


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