Sunday, 17 July 2016

Bigjigs Review | Fire Station Train Kit & Stacking Fire Engine

Plenty of fire engine activities with the latest Bigjigs Play Patrol goodies for Lily and Alexander; the Fire Station Train Set and the Stacking Fire Engine.

A while ago I actually packed up the wooden train kit we have owned since Lily was very small and it now resides in the attic with the idea of it coming back out when both kids develop an interest again. So I was a bit surprised to see their excitement at the Fire Station Train Set; perhaps the additional train tracks we already have will come in useful extending this set.

Bigjigs rail set and stacking fire engine
Should you wish to retain the Fire & Rescue Train Set box for convenient storage, it has a handy plastic handle for easy transport.

Lily was really intrigued by the prospect of rescuing the ginger cat out of the tree even if Alexander kept continually running away with the miniature wooden ladder for the firemen!

At two years old now, Alexander's coordination and dexterity is sufficient enough to connect the track pieces - and undo them. Both children have also realised that if the trains do not want to stick together, one of them needs to be turned around so the magnets attract each other, so for Lily that served as a good conversation starter.
playing with the magnetic trains

The Fire Station Train Set comes complete with enough track pieces to form a figure of eight with a bridge passing through a red-brick style building. The instructions explain how to assemble it to replicate the image on the box, but more often than not we create a track of our own and if it fits, perfect! Bigjigs rail is also compatible with most other wooden train track pieces, so the possibilities for track expansion could be endless.

unpacking and instructions for the train kit

Painted wooden Stop signs, fire hydrants and traffic cones are included, including a large tree which the ginger cat can sit upon awaiting rescue from the fire engine and its crew.

cat stuck up a tree for the fire workers to rescue

The Stacking Fire Engine is similar to the stacking tractor puzzle which the Agents received not so long ago and since then Alexander has managed to assemble the stacking puzzle correctly, so he has fared very well with the new mission. Although he does rather like to line the pieces up and count them before stacking them. All good techniques! Once assembled it also buzzes around the Fire Station Train set as potential back up, complete with Alexander and Lily shouting "nee-naw, nee-naw!".

Alexander and stacking fire engine puzzle

Overall both products have been well manufactured with clear child development objectives in mind; namely creativity, imagination, dexterity and coordination.

The Fire Station Train Set and Stacking Fire Engine retail respectively at £39.99 and £15.99.

Disclaimer: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review but all opinions expressed are my own.

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