Sunday, 31 July 2016

Getting the garden Summer-ready

Quite a while ago we decided that we really need to bite the bullet and sort out the garden. 

We put a pond in a year ago and gravel and debris from the soil still litters the flowerbeds and the lawn. I'm certain that the previous owners put down a tonne of poor quality soil complete with chips of concrete before laying turf to prevent their dogs from digging...

Getting the garden ready for Summer, tackling rogue gravel
Tackling rogue gravel is a chore, but worth it so the garden play equipment can come out.

After a day's worth of lumpy and holey turf removal, we deduced that the only way of removing all the gravel would be to have some kind of digger remove the entire garden - and that just isn't in our budget. So we have to make do and mend as much as we can.

The new turf has been laid now and it very nearly died in the heat a few weeks ago, but since the UK experienced a LOT of rain after this 'summer', it has recovered and now is attempting to look like a jungle.

My garden sketch ideas
I'd quite like to make the border beside the path into a vegetable growing border. I can't wait to pot all the veg plants I already have.
I have sketched many plans of what I'd like the garden to look like; where flowerbeds will be and how big, etc. It would be nice to have a border running alongside the edge of the flowerbeds separating them from the lawn which would make everything look aesthetically pleasing, with nice straight lawns and also easier to mow.

Flexi-edge lawn edging could be ideal; not only would they provide the clean, straight lines I am after but also can curve which would be perfect around the pond. Rob would also like to have a cherry tree so the environmentally friendly lawn edging would work well too, especially as it can bend up to 70 degrees. Rob would also be pleased to learn that installation wouldn't have to wait for him to dig them into the ground; I could do it myself just by securing the stakes into the soil.

I would also like to have a small section of lawn beside the wildlife pond unmowed as a mini-nature meadow but pond safety is important so I will look into sturdy nets as even though my own children are pond-savvy, other people's children may not be.

Now the lawn is relatively flat and looks a whole lot better than it did before, the summer outdoor play equipment and sun loungers are out to enjoy the recent stint of warm weather, complete with parasol.
Have you improved your garden ready for summer?

This is a sponsored post: but I have really enjoyed sharing my garden plans with you.

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