Thursday, 28 July 2016

Preparing for a Summer Road Trip

It is officially the summer holidays and unbelievably the weather here in the UK has been really, well, summery! How unusual! We live near to one of the most popular transport gateways to Dorset, Devon and beyong; the M27 motorway so traffic is part and parcel during the holidays. And this is not surprising, considering the beauty of the New Forest on our doorstep.

So whilst many families and holiday makers will be heading abroad this summer, a vast proportion of Brits will be holidaying within the UK and making a road trip. Here are some helpful tips to make planning a road trip a lot more manageable and safe.

Keep the car well stocked:

  • extra fuel
  • windscreen wash
  • jump leads - we needed these when we were on holiday in Devon recently
  • electric tyre pump - also very handy to at least get you to the nearest garage for a spare tyre
  • first aid box - including plasters bandages, antibacterial spray, hayfever tablets and painkillers for example
  • spare tyre - just in case. Performance tyres are a worthy investment and will provide you with value for money. A nationwide tyre dealer network such as Point-S will be able to provide further details and special offers from top tyre brands. We drove down some very windy, single-track, country lanes whilst in Devon, some boasting more shrapnel than others, so we were glad that some of our tyres were new, reliable and up to the job
  • check that the boot of the car contains the hazard triangle, hi-vis jackets and breathalysers, particularly if you are driving through France
  • have maps handy, or a Sat-Nav, preferably up to date as some of them can get rather confused, particularly if they haven't be updated for a while
handy items for road trips: sun cream, money in currencies you require, plasters and sandwich bags
Handy items: Sun cream / Plasters / Sandwich bags / spare change

And now onto the items handy for the passengers:

  • Bottles of water - having heard about the recent, excruciatingly long delays for travellers at Dover, a couple of bottles would be ideal, just in case.
  • Snacks - boiled sweets, dry snacks and anything that children in tow may enjoy. Consider filling a large sandwich bag with a carton of juice and their own snacks to keep squabbling to a minimum
  • Tissues, wet-wipes, plastic bags, extra nappies, potties, for all eventualities
  • In-car entertainment: books for those who don't suffer from motion sickness, music, iPads filled with downloaded cartoons for the kids go down a treat
  • Spare coins, especially some in the currency you require
  • In-car phone chargers
  • Sun cream - you can still get sunburnt through car windows and windscreen!
As always, before and after a long car journey, check the pressure of your tyres. My dad has always reminded me to do this and I think it is a valuable piece of advice.

And finally, enjoy your road trip!

This is a collaborative post: all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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