Monday, 8 August 2016

19 weeks pregnancy update

Thanks to everyone who sent me well-wishes on my 14-18 week pregnancy vlog following the cervical ectropian saga. It means a lot that I have such a unique online support network and it feels like I know so many of you!

How I am feeling:


Overall, not bad considering I got a summer cold. I had a busy last weekend which involved a lot of walking to and from town and perhaps I overdid it. I experienced some very light spotting, much like the tail end of a period and by Saturday evening started to get a dry, scratchy sore throat. On Sunday morning I had zero appetite and for the second time in the second trimester I was sick - which completely rid me of my sore throat which was really strange. I didn't feel great and hadn't been able to get through to Rob who was at a stag weekend. Luckily he came through the door not long after al my poorliness. The cold developed and I haven't had sneezing or a runny nose but I've been really congested and basically full of snot. I can blow my nose and be astounded at the amount my body is producing (and hiding!) TMI! At the end of the week I ended up waking up sounding like a heavy smoker with a crackly, husky voice which cleared the longer I stayed upright and active.
As with my other pregnancies I choose not to take any pain-relief medication, including paracetamol but I got on with things.


Well this may well sound disgusting, but I have rather been enjoying anchovies on toast! There are probably some decent health benefits for me and the baby with that choice of fish, even if it it doesn't appeal on other days.


Skin is actually doing quite well but I do need to find a new foundation rather than mixing two which for some reason works very well on some days and less well on others, perhaps influenced by the weather or the condition of my skin.

Embryo development:

Baby's skin is less translucent and developing pigment. Lots of sensory brain development is going on right now.

Vitamins and supplements:

1 x folic acid every other day or when I remember.
1 x low-dose 75mg aspirin every other day at least, or when I remember it. I suppose I started taking it again daily following the bleeding, but I'm trying to transition off it now.

What I'm wearing:

Normal clothes
I think I will consider maternity wear soon or at least buy some clothes the next size up. Perhaps Primark still sell their skinny maternity jeans...


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